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Rob Sparrow; Luke McMahon; Slackbastard Inc and the Fairfax war on the UPF takes a turn

One of these two shabby cunts is Luke McMahon. He has been a big phony in journalism since his days in the bogus Dole Army, pictured here
We all know the rather ducky luvvie Professor Rob Sparrow is “Andy Fleming” who is Slackbastard. But it might interest some to know that so is anarchist and Fairfax sleazeoid freelancer Luke McMahon. You remember we wrote about that lunatic hack HERE and HERE after he scribbled a whole lot of artless smear about the UPF’s Chris Shortis and creepily stalked non-Marxists around social media.

It is quite a job for us to keep from hurling up our non-vegan brunch handling any sort of material about this reputed gerontophiliac. Just knowing the sick shit he’s into as part of his whole ‘anarchist scene’ would have creeped out John Wayne Gacy, but then you have to realise that these freaks live to loosen up the public morals so that their queer fetishes can become normalised.
This is also Luke. And just about everyone he knows. In fact, this is the public face of Slackbastard
Having said, when he’s not chasing GILFS (lol), Rob Sparrow’s BFF and partner in slime is part of the Slackbastard network. Now, folks, this here is the rub: Slackbastard is more than one person, this must be obvious. Well, we’ve known for a long time, and even said so, but we state here one more time so that people can absorb the concept that Slackbastard is actually a collective of anarchists — not the single-entity fictitious ‘Andy Fleming’.

Our expert on extremist leftist groups, Dale Carroll (name changed), has pointed out a noticeable shift in the style of ‘Andy’s’ writing on his manky blog over the past few years. In his studies of SB, Dale finds forensic evidence of the hand of Monash University’s leftist radical subversive, Rob Sparrow. Carroll points to a swing from pure anarchist philosophy, to a sort of middle-of-the-road Marxism being espoused by Sparrow using the Andy Fleming alias; perhaps to convert impressionable anarchists into being political.

But when the more execrable voice emerges, the abusive one, this has been confirmed as Luke McMahon. All of these folks are old hands that have been doing the same thing since the days they ran the egregious Fight Dem Back blog. But out of them all, McMahon is the most psychologically unbalanced. We know about his comrade state-informer and former school principal Alex Gollan who ran afoul of laws that protect children from paedophiles when he was busted with a whole bunch of kiddy porn that he tried to claim was put on his hard-drive by White Supremacist hackers (ha ha ha ha ha ha).
Alex Gollan who denied having a heap of kiddy porn on his computer and blamed White Supremacists for "hacking" him
Well, this is the kind of crowd we’re talking about, and we do not wish to cross possible libel laws by inferring anything about what bizarre stuff floats Rob Sparrow’s wobbly boat, but all we know is that it must be seriously ‘out there’ enough to provide David Lynch with inspiration for strange plot-lines well past the time of his death.

In another life, Luke might’ve been the Mosman granny killer — and our criminologist source, who has examined Luke’s psychological thumb print, has grimly forecast that his fetishism may yet bring this troubling fantasy of his into realisation — but Luke has been identified as using the pseudonym “Shermon Burgess” as he harasses patriots and nationalists on YouTube. He has recently changed one of his Facebook accounts to that name.

McMahon has therefore provided intelligence for Slackbastard, and been Fairfax’s gutter-press go-to person, while Sparrow offers the collective front with respectability. All of them have shared social media and blogging duties. And this puts Slackbastard comfortably in bed with Fairfax Media, which has been dogging the UPF since they dared to challenge the anti-White status quo.
One of the Slackbastard "Andy Fleming" collective who we recently outed: Professor Rob Sparrow
Fairfax has no morals at all, and that’s not just evidenced by them using a deranged stalker like McMahon, who is unable to differentiate fantasy from reality. In an excellent video released by the UPF on the weekend, the UPF’s fearless Blair Cottrell actually confronts a Fairfax representative after lies were written about them in their visit to Orange in NSW’s central west. In the video this weird looking woman, who seems to have retained part of her ‘hippy style’ from a thousand years ago, sits tongue-tied as Blair confronts her about a headline, and a defamatory reference to the UPF as a “terrorist” group. After having nothing to say for herself, and faced with the fact that she is a hyena with all the ethics of a pervert in a children’s lavatory, she patronisingly suggests they “sit down and discuss (this) rationally”. Ha! RATIONALLY. Fairfax uses a psychotic source like McMahon, who is a ticking bomb of thwarted unnatural desires, and they speak of rationality!?

The UPF has just won a big round against Fairfax, mainly on a moral level. Concurrently, the AFP has gone toe-to-toe with captain of industry Gerry Harvey in an extraordinary video. McMahon, or Shermon Burgess as he now calls himself on YouTube and Facebook, is about to go the way of Alex Gollan. On all fronts, both patriotic and nationalist, the tide of the war is turning. Victory is at hand.

An articulate commenter on the UPF’s FB page wrote, “This is not about letting UPF and Blair act out our fantasies of fighting back against the system. It should be emboldening everyone to do the same, because without each and every one of us being ready to take the fight TO the scum, we are assigning ourselves to serfdom. I admire Blair. We all do. But he’s not doing this to be admired, he is doing it to inspire.”
You can torment Luke on Twitter at this hashtag. Send him lots of pics of grannies:


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