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The Importance of ‘that Harvey Norman video’ to nationalism

We repost with this blog message ‘that video’ which was taken undercover by the Australia First Party as they demonstrated outside Harvey Norman head offices in western Sydney last week. The scope of the thing is yet to be realised in terms of semiotics and its overall meaning to nationalists and if it doesn’t make waves politically, it should.

But what we have is the biggest public relations scoop of the nationalist movement so far. When Jim Saleam, and the three AFP members set out to demonstrate against the decision by Harvey Norman to employ thousands of these rapeugees from Syria, they could not have imagined they would end up in a humanizing personal encounter with an icon of the mercantile class. The implications are extraordinary if you understand what you are watching. But we’re here to help you understand.
Gerry Harvey upon finding out who the Australia First Party are
Let’s say from the beginning, Gerry Harvey is a nice bloke, but let’s not let that impede us in our expression. He’s a businessman, and his mindset throughout the 12 mins of footage is that of a capitalist, no denying it. But something led him to want to talk to the demonstrators. Could he have known anything about the Australia First Party? Very unlikely, although he has probably been informed now, not that such should really be here or there.

Yet, what ensues is an intimate, and we say again humanizing exchange, that lays bare all the propaganda and rhetoric that the ‘system’ is using as it wages White Genocide. What is unusual is that you have the notorious godfather of Australian nationalism and, as we said, an icon of the merchant sector both laying their chips on the table in a civilised tête-à-tête, while one of these foreign workers (or what we consider to be a non-Australian) – a security guard – stands in attendance.

Therein begins the rich discourse that countless essays, innumerable commentary, memes, videos and posts all over social media by our people have encapsulated, but in a one-directional stream, and minus the satisfaction of knowing whether or not any of this has penetrated through to our hated enemies. The only difference is that it nearly ALL is coming out here, and its being communicated back and forth between a representative of that system, and our own people. The witty captions thereafter provide a third-party commentary to what may not have been courteous to have expressed during that happenstance.

This is the future of both Harvey Norman's workforce, and who'll be shopping there with welfare money

Having said, the first thing to come through is that Gerry Harvey appears to know a lot more about those ‘figures’ of the rapeugees than he lets on. He comes across either trying to appease that sector of the Australian demographic which we represent — and who are still consumers — at the same time as reasoning a position, which he says in incontestable as it is happening whether or not we like it, but which is intolerable to us.

He says that the government approached him and offers the helpless position of, “What was I supposed to say?” The caption reads, “You just… say… NO.” And thereafter the following caption saliently points out that the “I was just following orders” defence never got anyone off the hook at Nuremberg, so why should it be acceptable here?

Jim Saleam, our finest living nationalist orator, then mentions how members of certain Syrian parties that he knows have expressed Assad’s desire that these rapeugees return to Syria. There is an opportunity there, too, to undertake the complex hypocrisy of Syria and our government’s involvement in a war that is opposing the very man who faces those they claim to be out to destroy.

He mentions how all Bosnian refugees that we formerly gave asylum to during that conflict were returned, bar one who was elderly and too sick to be moved.

Once we’re done with the figures, and how they will most be “women and children” that he won’t be employing, we come to — and a caption tips us off to what Gerry is about to utter in a kind of “I’m not racist, but” vein — the old ‘Aussies don’t want to work’ bullshit. He never says that he is speaking about Anglo Australia, but the connotation is understood. There comes the incredibly and inversely-prejudiced notion that refugees and migrants in general are not lazy like Aussies, who after all only built the fucking country that these black, brown and yellow hordes are coming to rape with the blessing and assistance of traitors like Gerry Harvey and his government pals.

From there we move into the “who is Australian anyway?” discussion, and this is a line of Marxism that it is curious to find being spouted by a staunch capitalist like Harvey, who after all made his bones off the back of these Aussies who never really existed except to build the nation and then be told our time is over. This is the intro to the ‘we’re all from somewhere else’ routine and throughout both these narratives the Australia First Party, and more importantly Jim, refuse to let those hoary old chestnuts into the fire. By then, as if in a conscious methodology, Gerry segues into the inspirational refugee-worker story, which leads back to the question of Australian (White) identity that this mercantile class in cahoots with the globalist government in our global two-party traitor system.
Proof that money not only talks, but it actually strangles
Again, the caption is hysterical, with mention of smelling “a new SBS series” in the offing. When Gerry argues that because the Vietnamese woman star-employee’s children were ‘born here’, and a vociferous defence is offered by our demonstrators and Jim Saleam, the caption reminds us that if a person is born of two White people in China, that doesn’t make him Chinese. A very interesting comment Gerry makes during this tract of the dialogue, by the way, is that the ‘black fellas’ are the only true Australians. This is notable for its innocent deviance from the politically correct script, in the usage of the actual term ‘black fellas’, which, if he had handlers, they would most certainly not have approved of. But it is countered by Jim Saleam, who points out how Aboriginals actually originated from India, so the ‘we’re all from somewhere else’ spin is just ultimately gobbledygook.

One of the most risqué captions posted is when Gerry is meandering about what possible alternatives there are for dealing with these people, which he has already suggested must be given jobs lest they become ‘radicalised’ and turn terrorist on us. The caption has already highlighted the inherent blackmail in this, but it goes on to offer the most viable alternative of all is to tell them to “FUCK OFF”.

Thus, having met a polite impasse, all now go about their way. Days later the video is made, and with it, we are presented with one of the most intriguing meetings in contemporary nationalist history. This video is an absolute treasure trove of meaning, and is easily the most important chance encounter with the system captured by any patriot/nationalist group so far. It is so fascinating because for the first time nationalists are up against one of the highest profile representatives of the system on a level playing field, where the opportunity to skewer the narrative is entirely with our side. But aside from the captions, which express the third person position of the nationalist viewer, no tampering has occurred and the video appears with only one visible edit.

This video is instructional for all nationalists, not just in the rhetoric of the other side, but in how to engage that bombast. Except for when certain boisterous members of his own party cut him off in their excitability to express themselves, Jim Saleam carried the whole thing like a high-wire walker.

The ramifications for the system are huge, and this is why we draw your attention to the multiple layers of importance contained in this piece of history.

This is not just another video designed to motivate the troops, but is in itself an essential study of the beliefs that drive us, and the forces that oppose us. View it, rate it, and spread it far and wide. This video will not date, and has already earned its future place as an instructional tool for those ranks of new nationalists and patriots who will soon be flocking to us.
These guys welcome Syrian refugees. Now look at them

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