Sunday, January 10, 2016

UK students taught Africans are the true British

The true Queen of England eats Skittles and gets her Oprah on

 Everyone knows that Africans settled the Island nation of England first. However, it seems it has taken a Marxist historian to educate the stupid goyim as to the real history of how they stole it off the industrious jigaboo while they had their backs turned.

This brilliant scholar of history has predictably come under fire from racists for trying to prevent this truth being known to impressionable youth who would parrot just about anything to get out of England’s gulag of an education system. But it is important these spotty limeys understand how everything they are, everything they did, and everything they will ever be is an oppression of what these revisionist histories are suggesting are superior peoples.

Of course, the fact they let the supposedly inferior White people rule the rhubarb out of them has not yet found its way into a satisfactory narrative, but the thought controllers at the department of White Genocide are busily working on that.

The Daily Mail, which is gangrenous, reports on this revolutionary moment in anti-White bullshit. Erm, many pardons, that was a typo there, in REAL WHITE HISTORY.

GSCE students are to be taught that some of England’s earliest inhabitants were Africans who arrived long before the English.

The Mail on Sunday has discovered that the extraordinary rewriting of England’s history — the politically correct work of a Marxist academic — will be offered to thousands of history students throughout England from September.

Its creators claim the course addresses the ‘white male-dominated’ view of history – but it has outraged some of Britain’s most eminent thinkers.

Booker and Nobel prize-winning novelists V.S. Naipaul said, “Once against political correctness is distorting our history and the education of our children.

And historian Roy Strong, author of The Story Of Britain said, “This stands history on its head, projecting back on to the past something that isn’t true.”
English students on their way to history class

Sir Roy Strong WOULD say that. He is White and he wants to cover up thousands of years of lies and pretend history. We all know that Shakespeare was the world’s first African rapper, and that his sonnets were actually the first gangsta rap poems. But the English, with their crumpets and their tea (which they ripped off India) are still in denial.
Offered by the Oxford and Cambridge examination board (OCR) and approved for use in schools, the course literature states: “This course will enable students to learn how the movement of people – European, African, Asian – to and from these islands has shaped the story of this nation for thousands of years.

‘This history of migration is the story of Britain: in 1984, Peter Fryer wrote, “There were Africans in Britain before the English came.”

This course — Migration To Britain c. 1,000 to c. 2010 – was created with academics from the Black and Asian Studies Association but has been condemned as ‘pro-immigration propaganda’ at a time when its subject is especially sensitive.

Last night, eminent military historian and author Antony Beevor said, “Migration is a very valid area to study, but if it’s a question of rewriting history to bolster the morale of certain sections of the population, rather than a scrupulous attitude towars facts, then that is a total distortion and it’s outrageous.

If it was not true, then the Oxford and Cambridge board would never have approved it for use in schools. It is not like they want kids to learn lies.

Sir Roy Strong said, “The only Africans who came here were a few with the Romans who came and then left! I find it disturbing that our children should be taught something that is clearly designed to feed into contemporary problems rather than tell our island’s story properly.”

And Campaign for Real Education chairman Chris McGovern said, “The country is being sold down the river by the politically correct brigade and national identity sacrificed by minority groups to feel included. It’s pro-immigration propaganda.”

It is important that those three or four White kids left in England, now cowering in the corner of their class room as spears sail over their heads and the steam from a big cannibal cooking pot makes them sweat, know the truth about what monsters they are.
An artist's rendition of the English education system



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.....the fuck?

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Bowies Death: I know the left are mourning a 'hero', but I will say that, as a WN, I did like a lot of Bowie's music, his music roughly followed my life. It did not turn me in a fag, a lefty, a bisexual, or whatever, no more than listening to KISS turned me into a Jew or Judas Priest made me kill myself.

I think during his Thin White Duke incarnation, drugs or not, Bowie had a moment of clarity when he said "Britain could benefit from a Fascist leader". He went on to retractions and miscegnation, but for professional reasons, methinks.

Regardless of all, another White Genius, RIP.

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