Friday, January 22, 2016

Who is the paedophile patriot?

Rumours are ugly things, but paedophiles are way fouler: and they smell no better when their fetish is for another race.

These are the filth that brings shame and disgrace upon Australia with child-sex tourism in third world destinations. But far from the shame, is the evil of the crime perpetrated upon the kiddies, no matter what nationality they are.

It is the unshakeable position of us here at Whitelaw Towers Justice In All Things ™© that all those who are convicted of defiling children and depriving them of the only innocence they will ever know, should be speedily and unceremoniously destroyed; preferably in the most inhumane manner imaginable.

Not a cent will be frittered upon their prison upkeep; and not a solitary guard’s manpower shall we expend in their ‘special protection’. They will simply be erased from this earth. So too we shall take those from the ‘social justice’ sphere (such as we witnessed recently in the degenerate Salon magazine) who would promote the idea of tolerance to these monsters: they shall be deemed, like all those who protect enemies of our people in any eventual uprisings, to be as guilty as those who harm the children.
Having said, it disturbs us deeply here at Whitelaw Towers to hear consistent rumours of a certain Ziopatriot who has caused bother. These rumours involve this person’s reprehensible involvement in the sex tourism subculture. There are numerous allegations against this person from fellow Australians, who allegedly witnessed the Zio’s lifestyle while all parties were living as expatriates.

Obviously legal restrictions, as well ethics, prevent us from hinting at who this might be until such a time as solid evidence exists to ‘out’ them, but let us just say that all efforts are being made to uncover the truth of this troublemaker’s past. If this evidence does come to bear, it will be quite satisfying for us indeed. It will not please us to have confirmed that children were exploited by this creep, but just that we knew all along something stunk.

More than that we cannot say, but if or when this person goes down they are sure to take another with them. Both of these fools have been problematic. Let us wait and see. But remember, come what may, they were never ‘us’, like Alex Gollan so epitomises freaks like Rob Sparrow, and the granny-obsessed cyberstalking Fairfax journalist Luke McMahon.

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whitestorm72 said...

Bring back the Death Penalty for these crimes!