Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Just when we thought we could relax, "Antifa Neil Erikson" has once again struck a fatal blow to not only the Nazi Empire, but also to the Israeli-Arab coalition of Zionists (Satire).
SS Whitelaw sunk today off the coast of Israel
Whitelaw leadership make last daring stand

Official Press Release: Whitelaw Flak Towers somewhere in the occupied zone...  "Neil Erikson, a well respected and admired anti fascist, along with his coalition partners the Asian Night Club Owners Association and Howard Crawford’s elite special forces, Squadron 88, have sunk the SS Whitelaw Towers, said to be carrying leaders of the regime and Goyim Gold to safety in Israel. She is now resting peacefully five nautical miles off the coastal resort Hotel Mitzpe Hayanim. Survivors rescued by the Palestinian Authority were heard  saying, “Oy ve, blast that anti Semite Neil Erikson and his counter espionage, all is lost!” as they were transported to safety in Turkey.

But seriously, what a joke. Poor old Niel Erikson, the modern day cyber version of "Johny the Blade". His lies know no bounds, his stupidity as unremarkable as it would appear still manages to surprise even the harshest critic. 

Today his cult followers waited with baited breath for "antifa Neil Erikson's" latest retaliation video.  What a shocker. The question people should be asking, what is he retaliating against?  Well if you watched his videos you will have noted he has attempted to stop WLT writing about him or his handlers. He has promised every time we say the name "Neil Erikson" he will release another video to defame people he was once connected to. Blackmail basically, and that's very Antifa of you Neil.

This last video containing quotes from Rob Sparrow, AKA Slackbastard, was supposed to be number three in a hard hitting expose in retaliation against Whitelaw Towers. Strangely enough he sourced these fables from Howard Crawford's elite Kosher Skinhead gang, Squadron 88. Most likely this was passed onto "Antifa Neil Erikson" by his not so new comrade Nick Folkes. Good old Nick 'I'm getting bailed out and Shermon is being kicked to the curb' Folkes, just so happened to expand on the claims on "Antifa Neil Erikson's" comments section to his video. 
Someone is hurting bad, and we still have a long way to go.

You fool the people
Who's fooling who?
It's time to listen
Whose fool are you?


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha eriksons desprate......

Anonymous said...

Lol! Awesome guys, don't stop.....ever! 14/88

Anonymous said...

Neil you fuck wit! You have well and truly fucked up you dog! I'm just going to sit back and watch you go out with a tiny puff of yellow smoke! Loser!!!!

victor waterson said...

What an accurate description of Neil Erikson in that song "johnny blade" . If only all these major ziopatriot players could understand they are being played by the liberal party system . Great articles WLT keep it coming , the wider community who are interested in learning the truth need to know

Anonymous said...

Andy Slackbastard is also @ellipsii on Twitter...
I is on is friends keksec

Anonymous said...

So they've started yet another Zio-Patriot group, Australian Patriot's Alliance (Patriots Front of Australia? More like Judean People's Front or the People's Front of Judea!)

Anyway, they're going to get members, try and sign up as a party? Just a warning for anyone thinking of supporting them, Burgess and Erikson have ratted out their own mates to the anarchists and communists, the very people we are supposed to be fighting. People have their bitter differences and splits, but this is despicable treason.

So, if you sign up the the APA with your personal details, you think these rat scum are not going to run to the antifa or the Australian Jewish news to expose you if you disagree with them? Or if they fall out and fragment even more?

A message for Burgess and Erikson, to whom the Jews are so precious an blameless and who support one nation. When the One Nation membership list was stolen from their HQ in the 90s, where did it end up being printed? The Australian Jewish news. Yep. That's right. Enjoy your Kosher, rat fuck traitor Goyyim scum.

Here take a vacation, Goyyim slave.

Anonymous said...

Neil's a fucking snitch dog. He better hope he doesn't land himself inside.

Anonymous said...

Never understood why you put up his vids on the blog to start with. Neil has always been a waste of space. My guess is he'll be looking over his shoulder for a while.