Monday, February 15, 2016


"Who are you that is so wise in the ways of Nazi hunting? I am Erikson, King of the Bogans!"

Neil Erikson destroys every relationship he has with any group or individual he becomes involved with. If he currently enjoys a personal relationship, he will certainly ruin that.

Neil hasn't a genuine friend in the world. Whenever he comes close to making a true friend, his pride and emotional instability destroy the relationship. Thereafter, he makes lifelong enemies out of good and loyal people through his lack of moral restraint, paranoia and jealousy.

Neil takes more pride in his ability to destroy than he does in his creative efforts. He will create something only so he can destroy it later on. The bloke is erratic, but not unpredictable, as his past reveals this inevitable pattern of behaviour. He is extreme by nature and seeks out extreme politics to indulge that side of him. 

Neil befriends people easily, and at first he comes across as funny, modest and easy-going. He dedicates himself to whatever group accommodates him best, and gains the group’s trust, until he has enough power in the bank to wreak serious damage. Then he gets deeply involved in personal dramas within the group; feigning indifference, but in reality making the personal matters of others his own private drama. 

Erikson is a social masochist, searching for ways to create unnecessary conflict to satisfy his endless desire for drama. He lashes out at people and embarrasses himself constantly, but blames it on others in the group. He becomes paranoid and searches for reasons to be offended, or angry. When he gets like this, he cannot be reasoned with. 

Nazi Neil tries to destroy the entire group as revenge for what he believes is personal slights. He takes pride in the destruction he can cause. He will betray those closest to him, even those who have not harmed him — give out any personal information he has on others — spread scurrilous lies, and rumour-monger; all the while, believing his lies. Neil will self-victimise and find justification for any action which causes damage to the group. He will try to recruit others to join his path of destruction. He will seek out people who he knows are weak-willed, easily-offended, and who share his jealous nature.

Erikson acts like a middle-aged feminist woman, who never lets-go of grudges, and never forgives or forgets a thing.  Hell hath no fury like a Neil scorned (or a Neil who thinks he’s been scorned).  

·         Neil Erikson was the only person who knew and associated with the Hollywood Nazis and 'Skinheads' who attended the first Reclaim Australia rallies

·         Nazi Neil was the only person involved with the UPF, who consistently sought out known Australian Nationalists, which he now calls Nazis. He sought them for ideas, advice, protection, etc. If any UPF member associates with known Australian Nationalists to this day, it is because Neil introduced them. 

·         Last year Whitelaw Towers pleaded with the nationalist community to stay away from Reclaim and other Patriotic groups. Noted Aussie nationalists who openly supported the growth of the Patriot movement in 2015 only did so after being approached by Neil Erikson

·          Neil Erikson was aware that nationalists who supported Patriot groups, via sharing of information about Antifa, writing about the growth of the patriotic movement, all played very minor roles in other activities. These other roles were after Neil requested their help. He was also aware they were not going to assist any further in 2016. 

·         Neil was aware that nationalists in Queensland were considering sending a representative to Europe asking for permission to start Generation Identity in early 2016. He was aware that this was going to be one of the goals set for nationalists in 2016. He was aware that they believed time spent on their own cause was more important than helping Neil and the patriotic movement.

·         Neil Erikson convinced Shermon Burgess upon discovering the above fact, to assist him one week later to proceed with a Facebook page, making videos claiming they were the public face of the Australian Face of Generation Identity. When confronted about this and reminded that neither speaks for Australian nationalists, they ignored all advice. Australian nationalists then contacted fellow nationalists in Europe asking for them to intervene. 
·         Although Neil claimed to be a “Nazi”, he was in fact well known in nationalist circles as a wannabe Hollywood Nazi and a troublemaker. After attending a few gigs and being told to leave because of his usual behaviour, he turned on the “skinhead” movement and tried to come across to White Nationalism. In this he found a home as a very good anti-Antifa activist. He befriended others in this group, as he does, and the majority of this relationship revolved around discovering the identity of Andy Slackbastard. This included two investigations by him that proved to be incorrect. 

·         Neil was a key figure in outing a member of a nationalist group who was asked to step aside in the wake of an internal scandal. Neil also had serious issues with this group and took over their FB page beforehand in an effort to destroy the group for what he saw as their mistreatment of him. His hatred of them revolved around what he called their “lack of courage and street activism”. This drove him to an unhealthy obsession that lasts to this day. This fomentation of animosity is also directed at “skinhead” groups that cast him aside. All these groups and people have been his prime targets over recent days. 
·         Neil attempted to bring in a small quotient of nationalists, but none joined any of these patriotic groups. In fact, none attended a single event he has been involved with, nor a rally. All communication until very recently between Neil and these people was strictly private. The only communication then involved sharing intelligence and what could only be construed as advice. Neil instigated the majority of these contacts. The day-to-day running of patriot groups was the business of these other groups, not nationalists. What information was shared with them was via Neil; and what happened with his information and advice was usually recounted as Neil’s personal take on things. There was a relationship with Neil that was outside of the political field and many of these conversations with him can only be seen as friends swapping BS and talking freely about events and people inside the patriot movement. Many conversations concerned identities Neil was close to and consisted of highlighting the stupidity of stunts he pulled and claims he made. Neil was constantly reminded of these actions, and asked to heed how they could backfire. These stunts went beyond the patriot movement to threaten nationalists. He was warned constantly that their actions, and failure to comprehend the gravity of what they had created, might set everything back 50 years. For this reason alone it was the duty of some nationalists to maintain lines of communication. 

·         Shermon Burgess was aware of all this from the first rally in Melbourne. Nationalists advised them of the Hollywood Nazis associated with Nick Folkes and his Party For Freedom. Neil was told the history behind this group and its Liberal party connections.  He was warned many times that as soon as they became involved certain things would happen. He was told that any political growth outside of what they (PFF) could control would become the victim of infiltration and smear. He was warned that Shermon Burgess was being courted by this group and that he and another well-known personality from Sydney would be unwittingly used to carry out their operation. Hollywood Nazi gang Squadron 88 was created by Crawford and nurtured by him and Nick Folkes. It was used to some success to damage patriotic gains. Not to mention the pistol-carrying Reclaimer, who was also set up by the puppet masters around Nick Folkes. The next person groomed was Shermon Burgess. 

Neil and Shermon had only recently claimed to be behind a new move to unite nationalist and patriot groups. It was explained that, as far as the nationalists could see, the UPF was not a nationalist group. Neil had no right to involve Shermon in nationalist politics. He was told that although many nationalists support what the UPF are doing, it is in essence a patriotic movement. He was advised that him and the Germ should stick with what they are doing. This was carried out in a respectful manner and it was thought to be the end of it.  

In the early hours of the morning before Shermon posted his video attacking the UPF and the Australian nationalist movement, Neil was contacted about a comment made on his own Facebook page attacking two nationalist FB pages. This related to a comment posted by a nationalist about Sherm the Germ a week before. Whether or not the information was correct, none in the nationalist movement knows, much less cares. Yet, the post was obligingly removed by our side. Any further issues would have been resolved off of FB, and in private. As had been the case countless times before, this offer was flatly refused. Neil has not made contact with anyone from the nationalist side of the spectrum since.  

For some reason (jealousy, resentment, a torrid bromance with Shermon), Neil went from threatening, to ruthlessly attacking both nationalists and the UPF. He manipulated the gullible Shermon into joining his mad mutiny and instigated an all-out salvo on the UPF, and Blair Cottrell in particular. This happened less than 24 hours after he was promoting an upcoming rally, which baffled us at WLT. Neil said weeks ago that his being out of UPF was a good thing, due to him being a 'toxic element'. He also frequently declared his support for Blair, praising the Chesty Bond man for his loyalty, and applauding his hard work. All of this took place in the days and weeks leading up to the sudden snap. 

At the time Party For Freedom were also hell-bent on ruining the UPF, owing to personal issues, and the guiding hand of the state. Neil Erikson has misled patriots on numerous occasions. He was warned that this behaviour would damage his credibility. The lug nut was told that there were facts aplenty to report without resorting to lies and deceiving supporters. Neil simply shrugged this counsel off. He thinks his own ‘feels’ and his ability to manipulate followers are more important than the state of the nation. Neil is certainly a great asset if you do not  possess a moral compass. His genius for lying and exaggeration are in full swing at present, but if you know him like nationalists do, you would be ropeable at the avalanche of lies pouring off the rat bastard's social media. As to his love-hate relationship with the truth, Neil said that being 'too honest' was a great fault in nationalism, and his strategic lying was far more effective than honesty. 

"Neil's been acting strange. I caught him weeping during Play School."

Now we could go on forever, but what is the point? Let’s just give the UPF supporters what they want. That is, it’s your party, not ours. We are not aware of any Nazis running the UPF, or helping the UPF. Yes, there were nationalists helping Neil, but that would never have been the case if Neil did not ask them. That should have been the end of it, if there was no agenda at play.Let me tell you all, there is a massive agenda at play.

This writer has been involved in patriotic politics from the formation of the Confederate Action Party to One Nation. Staying loyal to all above and in between, observing how the state uses useful idiots to bring them all down, I lost hope many times. But I always managed to get back on my feet and give it another go. Becoming a nationalist over 10 years ago was a natural progression after this. This WLT reporter remembers very well seeing first-hand how the state destroyed patriotic heroes such as Tony Pitt and Perry Jewell; witnessing Tony Abbott and his Chinese mates jail Pauline Hanson; and watching Australian industry and family businesses destroyed by deregulation. This same writer was present when Antifa attacked WW2 vets in the early days of One Nation’s rise. This WLT reporter went and stood up for those elderly people, when everyone else stayed in bed. All of this transpired while patriotic groups rose and fell; and always they fell because of underhanded politics, egos and an omnipresent state more than willing to fan the fire. There simply aren’t too many dirty tricks that nationalists haven’t witnessed. Clarity of the enormous situation facing us Europeans only truly happens when you become a nationalist. 

That is the nut of the problem, and the true reason behind all of this, even if the useful idiots don’t understand. Those few dozen people supporting Shermon and Neil are the victims. You see, it’s not bravery that makes a man get up publicly and deceive their followers. Sherm and Neil are not making a stand against “Nazis”. They are doing exactly what the state wants them to. Where Antifa failed, they are trying to succeed. They are not out to save this country, or its people. They are doing this for FB likes, fame, and ego. When the truth outs, those who follow them will disappear in shock and disgust. For many this was most likely their first foray into politics, and it shall be their last. They will feel ashamed of being sucked in. That is the greatest tragedy; we need every vote if we are ever going to be free.   

So our message to everyone is simple: if they blow this, it won’t matter if you are nationalist, a patriot, or a Nazi. Our grandchildren will become slaves. And these dumb fucks and their personal “feels” will have made it all possible. 

At this rate both Neil and Sherm the Germ will be converting to Islam


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Forgive me if this is a stupid question... but what exactly is the difference between 'patriotism' and 'nationalism'? I thought that they were more or less the same thing.

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Whitelaw Towers... still the most informative, finger-on-the-pulse outfit on both left and right side Australian political shenanigans going on's (sic)...

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