Monday, February 15, 2016


Nick is grappling with his inner bozo, and the bozo is winning
Nick Folkes has maintained radio silence since Howard’s Last Supper, but it’s probably just the concussion from hearing Foghorn call him a fucking idiot on YouTube.

Crawford played Folkes like Punchinello. When the indignity of it all sinks in, Nick will physically sag. If he doesn’t then slump into a coma, he might start breaking stuff, and the cops will be called.
Folkes is at a loss as to why Crawford thinks he's an idiot
Communications submitted to Whitelaw Towers as part of our joint-intelligence operation with the Australia First Party has indicated that Nick Folkes is wigging out. We can reveal ahead of our official release of texts from patriot puppet-master Howard Crawford that the pressure has finally got to Nick. He is looking to step down from his beloved PFF, and Howard may well have been hornswoggled into considering ace Facebook troll Michael Allan as his replacement.

Imagine that, Howard knowingly planting what he believed was a Socialist Alliance operative inside PFF at the head of the party! But that’s a side of ‘Fuhrer Crawford’ that you good folks will soon be reading all about.

Bear in mind, Nick is also mulling over whether to sell his Ute on Gumtree to cover his legal costs, which we understand to be twenty large. But the Last Supper revealed that Howard is taking care of that; the circumstances of which are about to become another exciting revelation from Howardgate.

Crawford sits at his last supper, still scheming away
That dodgy slush-fund of Howard’s people is probably the one thing saving Nick the dick from suffering a textbook nervous breakdown.
For a boofhead tradie (tradies rule, we’re just saying that Nick is a boofhead) that kind of spondoolix is hard to come by. Mike Holt would consider pimping out his missus, but Nick does at least have a moral compass. Yet, that compass is spinning wildly out of control in the wake of the court drama. Then there is Nick’s Japanese missus, who despite the cultural differences that kept her mostly ignorant of Nick’s buffoonish ways, is becoming aware through others.

Nick has kids — and as frightening as that is — his offspring depends on him. Can a gentle clown like Folkes justify putting his family's security at risk playing Crawford’s jester?
WLT understands that Folkes has been making anxious phone calls, and is sounding distressed. Friends are worried.

However, civic patriotism calls, and in the wash-up of Sherm the Germ and Nazi Neil’s attempted mutiny he is expected to step up, so we don’t really know why Howard is fielding new fall guys. Perhaps he senses Nick’s fragile state, but is betting both ways.

However, the real question is what becomes of Howie? Will his handlers put him away in a nursing home, or will the old boot insist on another goal?

All we can say is that we are about to find out. As for Nick, if Howard is any sort of mate he’ll call Beyond Blue.



Anonymous said...


Bloggers Block said...

I dunno mate... I think many are giving Nick too much of a hard time.

The guy has his weaknesses (like most of us)... however on the grand scheme of things the guy has been fighting the causes in his way for as long as anyone.... particularly the Sherman's et al.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Bloggers Block, as will be demonstrated old Nick has been playing a very dirty game with the likes of Burgess and Crawford. All will be revealed soon enough.Maybe you should catch up with some further reading on old Nick on this blog first.

Bloggers Block said...

For sure... I'm not too concerned about the backstage back-stabbing bollocks of the movements... I've see straight through the social media egomania of Burgess and his bed-hopping to remain relevant since day dot... and well Crawford has always been a numpty... bu people can say what they want about old Nick... he's still around and for a better or worse giving it his all against the many issues facing us here in Australia. P.S. you guys do not get enough credit for WLT's... I've been a fan since the beginning...

Disclosure- I'm a patriot, moderate nationalist and I fucking hate the regressive left and PC almost as much as Islam... they're 'almost' equally as dangerous.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Bloggers Block -- we cannot say ANYTHING good about Nick Folkes. The man has used every slimy manoeuvre to try and push out true nationalists, and shunt out stronger patriots. He is junk, and human offal, and the sooner his cortex punches a hole through the roof of his skull and sends his tiny brain splintering off to Hades in messy pink shards, the better. He is race-mixing filth, and we look forward to reading his obituary, or better yet, writing it. But thanks for the compliments, mate. We ask that if you read our commentaries, you might well understand our detestation of the swine.