Thursday, February 11, 2016


A lot can change in less than a week. But then again, some things never change, like that  junkie toad squeezed in between Blair and Ralph's mate
Today has been an interesting day in alternative politics. We had the “Shermon Burgess” video, and all of the attendant Ziopatriot poppycock one would expect from sleazy trash like Burgess. Tonight the anti-nationalist videos continue to pour out of the Zio camp at a pace that equals the birth rate of Africa.

Whitelaw Towers has come under fire from these dipsticks, along with any representative nationalist group, and it is all part of a rich campaign against the United Patriots Front. We have noted the morally-bankrupt Zionist shuckster Mike Holt generating his memes as he tries to tie Blair Cottrell together with AFP chairman, Jim Saleam; and a more ludicrous proposition could not be had.

But this is not about truth, quite the opposite: this is about manufacturing lies.

We here at Whitelaw Towers were quite amused to hear accusations made about us that were demonstrably untrue.

Recently we published a piece entitled “Blair Cottrell: Glorious Leader”. This cannot be mistaken as a nationalist validation of Blair, or the UPF. Instead, it was intended as tongue-in-cheek commentary on the machinations of a leader. We do not back away from our opinion that Blair makes a fine leader. But he is not OUR leader. We are Whitelaw Towers, we not a party; we are the editorial for the nationalist movement in Australia.

As such we have been viewing the United Patriot Front’s progress with an understanding eye. We have been following the whole patriot movement, and we predicted from the outset that the Zionists would arrive… and they have.

That is the real joke — for it is not this whole “Nazi menace” that has been fabricated to discredit the UPF which has attempted to take over the patriot movement, but the Zionists, which DID take it over.

This is Ziopatriotism. According to the ice-addict Burgess, as long as none of them are into Islam, then this is a perfectly acceptable replacement for Anglo Australia
But the Zionists are always the foreshadowing of the government goons behind the curtains.

Today’s events are truly that. Whatever is going on with that lot of degenerate rock-star behaving, womanising Muppets that work for their social media audiences like a junkie works for their next fix, it is not about ‘safeguarding’ the patriot movement.

Rather, it is about the signal that useful turncoats have been rewarded for turning against that movement.

For what is this “patriotism” of which they speak? None of the semi-incoherent babble coming out of that camp in their 101 selfie-videos even addresses that essential definition. They keep speaking about it in the abstract. In a nutshell, the differences between the patriot movement and the nationalist movement revolve around multiculturalism.

The nationalists want an end to it, but the patriots only want to remove Islam from the equation of diversity, and to them that’s the problem sorted. The nationalist knows that with multiculturalism his people are eventually assimilated out of their own land. It is NOT a patriotic concept at all, unless one regards nationhood as simply those clustered together in a kind of harmony beneath the flag.

A nation IS its people. Australian identity isn’t something that comes from partaking in activities that conform to a general practise — it is about being born of Australian stock. These traitors calling themselves patriots are using the Zionist line that all are welcome if they support multiculturalism. This is really what Burgess et al are saying, even if they’re too thick to understand it through the toxic blast of their last hit of Ice.

The ‘Nazi’ bogey they speak of is an invention, and animated around nationalist opposition to that multiculturalism and if United Patriots Front and their political vehicle Fortitude are waking up to that inescapable truth of existence, it makes them a better choice for concerned Aussies.
But while these clowns are acting smug - possibly because ASIO has given them the green light to attack UPF - they may JUST be getting cocky a little too early. We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Erikson was always a wad, doing those videos with the fag hanging out of his mouth like some Mick Molloy character.

Burgess, with his complete fucking ignorance of history, "Oh, the Anzacs fought the Nazis". Australian Colonial troops also helped dispossess the Boer peoples and herd their women and children into concentration camps on behalf of Rothschilds. Should I hate white South Africans too, Shermon?

Saw this coming months ago. Fucking behaving like spurned boys.