Tuesday, February 23, 2016


And this is an artist's representation of Neil Erikson and Sherm "the Germ" Burgess
If ever a year justified naming The Year of the Rat it is 2016. Technically, that is still four years away, but this is the Australian version.

Only in the pages of the bible will you find such epic accounts of traitors as we have witnessed over the last week or so.

Neil Erikson is a species of two-legged Rattus Norvegicus that makes the four-legged variety look like Penthouse pussy.

Indeed, Neil bent over, grabbed his own ankles, and sprayed the whole lot of us in shit-mist. His duplicities are so profound that they transcend every measure of human disloyalty. In fact, they assume a category of treachery unique in betrayal. It is as if Erikson were all of the Roman senators driving daggers into Caesar rolled into one.

He is Brutus to the entire movement, both patriot and nationalist, and not even if he died and were reborn as Jesus 18 times over would he have atoned for his choices and actions in this lifetime. Neil’s perfidiousness is on a bigger scale than Ben Hur, and his performance greater than casting Jew actor Dustin Hoffman as Ratso Rizzo.
Neil "You ain't sending me to no Bellevue" Erikson is in line for this year's Oscars after his performance as Ratso Erikson in The Great Patriot Rat-Fuck

Neil and Sherm would have to earn the right to live among dung beetles. Their only hope of penitence lies in offering up themselves so a cockroach may live.
None of this should either surprise nationalists, or bother us. The power of the others lies only in our own lack of conviction. A devoted belief in the cause eradicates any negative consequence.

To that end, the thinking nationalist is not distracted by a lot of social media buzz dramatized around two pea-brains; a skank calorie-slave; a deranged chicken-farmer; and an anarchist-scrounger with genital lice.

Yes, folks, something ties together Neil Erikson, Shermon Burgess, Indie Rose Norris and Howard Crawford. A network of channels has connected this scum, if not personally, then certainly in conspiracy.

Rose has no actual claim to anything but treating the patriot movement like a houso project. She has been exhibiting herself over here at the pristine palaces of the Whitelaw Towers Air Purification Corporation™ like a slovenly maggot. So desperate has she been for recognition in her role that she has left the online equivalent of Post-It notes so we pick up the trail.
Indie Rose Norris on the right (R)
Fuck knows what they have on Neil and Sherm, but the Slug Brothers surrendered quicker than a horny sailor to a female rapist.

Josh “I never wash, except occasionally by splashing water on my balls” Chamberlain has figured prominently too, while Crawford has been in Sydney orchestrating events like Ernst Blofeld.

But. So. What?

Josh Chamberlain is on a lifetime strike from using soap
Neil and Sherm fold up way too easily to ever withstand the winds of battle, so their defection means squat. The two nationalists outed by Erikson and Burgess to Slackbastard with Crawford on BCC are unrepentant and ideologically resolute in their nationalism. Blair Cottrell can turn that prison video to his absolute advantage, as written the right way it becomes the stuff of legend; and the media making fun of the size of the Orange rally is just par for the course. It is no more morally wounding than all the other press the UPF has ignored to date, so demoralisation is in the eye of the beholder.

If anything, it is just a reminder to stock up on RATSAK when next down at Coles. The philosophical nationalist pours a drink and reaches for the remote, because he has big Zen. Just like Bruce Wayne graduating from the League of Shadows, the wise nationalist has too much Kung Fu for punks like Neil, Sherm and fat slag Indie.

The only future for Erikson is now with Antifa. He will have to “turn his life around” and become that talk-show circuit reformed racist. When the media want to stick a pin in the UPF, Neil will be quoted by a left-wing journalist and he will sing like the winner of The Voice. He will even come to believe passionately in his new identity because he won't have any choice.

And when the honoured arise to receive their glory Neil will be on the other side of the great feasting hall giving head to a Nigerian refugee while his Socialist Alliance controllers rate his performance.
We will not call Neil a dog ever! Dogs are loyal


Anonymous said...

Couldn't of said it better myself lads! Bloody brilliant!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These so called inner circle leaks, someone is trying to make out it is someone affiliated with Anonymous who hacked the UPF Facebook page, or most likely this is psy-ops and really it was Erikson who saved and passed it all on to antifa?