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Ralph Cerminara cut loose for dogging… Neil goes full-on Sybil… Shermon doesn’t even matter… Who is Sykes and why do Neil, Crawford and Slackbastard want him taken out so badly… Squadron 88 resurfaces at UPF’s Orange rally

Or so says Liberal party corpse-interferer Howard Crawford who you have all come to know and hate like spider’s venom after watching him kill the patriot movement.

That’s right, gentle reader, in the latest thrilling instalment of Howard’s End, or the Last Supper, Howard is fully bloated on Thai food at a meal in a Windsor eatery. He leans back after a terrifying fart that would’ve killed at least thirteen of his sickly chickens, and gloats about his role in the Shermon-Erikson disaster of 2016. This is the tragedy of ego and hubris that T-boned the patriot movement and threatened nationalists.
A private message between Whitelaw Towers and Neil Erikson... and his pimp sugar daddy Howard Crawford
In it, we learn that Howard has been issuing orders for Nick to keep his clown’s gob sealed while Shermon and Neil are digging their own political graves and getting ready to bury themselves. Ralph Cerminara, who is now best buds with Blair Cottrell, is being set up for pariah status… and his so-called mates know all about it; which is probably why they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to respond to his entreaties. Yes, Sherm and Neil knew all along that Ralph was to be sacrificed like a three-legged horse. Great mates. And Nick, his other mate, never warned him.

And that’s how it played out in episode three of the Last Supper. You need to watch the video posted above and understand it in the context of a Liberal party dirty tricks man weaving his bogan witchcraft within a movement that the Libs want demobilised.

They did it to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, and now it’s the turn of the patriot movement that grew up in 2015 to get raped like an Afghan donkey. What’s worse, they are finding it deliciously elementary.

The same man that features in this video was in retarded concert with Nick “nyuk nyuk, are these underpants on my head?” Folkes when the Australian Protectionist Party was steered down a fully kosher laneway by compulsive nose-picker and born-again Israelite Darrin Hodges.
This man has been earmarked as the protector of Australia as  the patriot movement's heroic new leader 
Crawford infiltrated Australia First and attempted to sabotage the party in the name of the almighty shekel; or to corner the market on flogging fowls to Jews for brutal religious ceremonies or something. He led a mob of Liberal rubes out in western Sydney’s boondocks, but now the Libs from ‘Australians for Honest Politics’ have utilised the oily toad’s psychopathic genius for wrecking movements.

Moreover, you will see he gloats about it. And nobody is awaiting the latest video more than Foghorn himself (we call him that ‘cos he owns a chicken farm out at Windsor that exports crook chooks to the Japs).

Yep, Foghorn has been busy this week. Through whatever backdoor channels he has tunnelled to super rats Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson he has attempted to target those he believes are producing the material that is hurting him so bad.

So what have we seen from Nazi Neil and Sherm this week? They have continued their withering verbals against the UPF, but we also got introduced to Nathan Sykes.

Sykes is an Australia First Party member who writes for nationalist causes. He is feared for his razor wit, fierce intellect, and his lack of mercy with the truth. So what happened?

Neil Erikson, who has never met Sykes in his backstabbing life, releases a video claiming Sykes is a ‘Jew’. The video contains a photo of Sykes standing with Jim Saleam taken by Party For Freedom hogwart James Sternhill at the very rally in Sydney that gross Folkes had Dr Jim kicked out of (Sternhill IS a Jew by the way, but nothing from Neil about him, even though PFF has Squadron 88 as Hollywood Nazi supporters).

Well, surely the newly reformed Anti-Nazi Neil should have no problem with that. He works for the Jews now so technically he should be kissing Sykes’s arse.

The problem is that the only particle of the nationalist movement this claim originated from was with Squadron 88’s highly suspect leader Mark McDonald in his feud with Dr Jim Saleam as he tried to cause a split between Saleam and the nationalist movement on Crawford's orders. Oddly, Mark and his slippery Russian mate Alex turn up later in this week’s round-up of nationalist current affairs.

Nobody else in the nationalist scene familiar with Sykes has ever had cause to liken him to Shylock, but suddenly Neil Erikson, who has as much to do with Sykes as the Monsanto Corporation have to do with healthy eating goes ballistic on him.
A text from Howard Crawford to supposed Socialist Alliance operative Michael Allen
Same as the above only different
Sykes is now all over Slackbastard, via Erikson, and yet the only possible connection with Erikson and this calumny was Crawford. This is the same Crawford calling Ralph Cerminara a police informer.

Then, just to compound the implied threat, Sykes received mysterious private messages from a FB user with a new account named Mark Watford whose profile image is stamped with the symbol of imputed rock spider Mike Holt’s group Restore Australia: skull-and-crossbones with the words ‘Ban Islam’. Now, we oppose ANY sort of baseless allegation, and all we can say about Mike Holt (apart from what we’ve written about this grub already) is what Crawford — his mate — said about him on the videos we are drip-feeding the movement: that he is as “dumb as dog shit”.
Taken from passionate 'anti-Nazi' Howard Crawford's fake profile Mark Watford... the gnat trying to scare off Sykes who he believes is writing this, by calling him all sorts names a Nazi would call him
In fact, according to our agent, Holt is so barmy that he went to the police trying to get Whitelaw Towers shut down, but was laughed at. Thereafter, his bud Crawford placated him by promising to cadge a note from a geriatric magistrate to show the cops to get us sued for defamation. We’re still waiting. In fact, it’s like waiting for Godot.

This belief that Sykes is authoring these injurious attacks upon this enemy of Australia is what is driving Crawford to acts that would, in a compassionate society, have him locked away for his incurable mental disorder.

Howard Crawford is Mark Watford. He has flooded Sykes’s Facebook inbox with messages calling him a “Jew boy” and in a decidedly threatening tone. But it was other things he posted (to WLT’s message box) that the blundering oaf doesn’t realise give him away in tell-tale forensic signatures. This, by the way, was an account linked to Erikson before he departed.
  • Conversation started Wednesday
  • Mark Watford
    17/02/2016 17:25
    Mark Watford

    Jew boy

  • Mark Watford
    17/02/2016 18:11
    Mark Watford

    Errrrheeerr Jew...

    This old boy is not answering my calls. Might have been freaked out ...


  • Mark Watford
    17/02/2016 18:43
    Mark Watford


  • Thursday
  • Mark Watford
    18/02/2016 02:51
    Mark Watford

    What's going on jew boy...


    Don't go jewing us all will ya!

    Fucken jew

  • Mark Watford
    18/02/2016 03:42
    Mark Watford








Firstly, he refers to Sykes as living in a rooming house in Newtown, Sydney. WLT can assure readers that he doesn’t. Neil, the typhoid traitor posted a pic supposedly of Sykes’s squalid room. Anyone on Sykes’s Facebook friend’s list can check this is bogus because he posted pics of his actual domicile, which is insanely neat, and contains grouse collectibles.
Howard Crawford plotting the destruction of the nationalist movement so his Asian mates can take over the country
Yet, this “Newtown rooming house” is another sort of giveaway. The only other clod to suggest this — and in those EXACT words — was humungous pervert and ousted anarchist gutter journalist Luke McMahon. McMahon had in-boxed Sykes with that exact image of him standing in PNG with the Heckler and Koch machine gun.

It was not a hard image to obtain, since Sykes never hid it. But taken together with the exact phraseology that McMahon used in his attempts at intimidating Sykes into comment makes it clear that either McMahon was talking to Neil (very plausible as Neil outed him in the same way he has turned on all of us like a disgraceful slug) or else Crawford was feeding both of them. We believe the latter is more likely the truth, since McMahon would have had to have gotten his information from somewhere.

However, it also shows clearly that the only possible pipeline for this slander went from Crawford, through whatever route, to his luckless stooge Erikson.

So Crawford, who has all the crusties and social cripples from Party For Freedom — a sickening sect of Zionist pillow worshippers — trained like hypnotized chickens.

And while Neil “I’ll rat out anyone for a hit of Ice” Erikson signed off on his and Sherm the Germ’s suicide video today (they’ll be back, count on it) Howard has Folkes waiting in the suitcase like an especially docile ventriloquist’s dummy.

He must be kicking himself, but, since Erikson was worth at least 20 Nick Folkes in sheer treachery alone.

Thus Sykes, who Crawford has pegged for the one outing him in such a continually brutal turn of phrase, has become enemy number one. Yes, but an enemy that none of those patriots or Crawford had any qualms about turning over to the mentally deficient Left Wing paper hangers that they make such as war cry about opposing.

Sykes has never turned in anybody, and has been a true and loyal voice for nationalism. He assures us that he HAS been hurt by allegations that he is a Jew. It hurts, he says, because his sides cannot stop splitting from laughter. 
But Crawford is far from finished. And it is odd indeed, that two of his most notable protégés, Mark McDonald (Tyler Winchester) and Alex (who occasionally posts on UPF) turned up in Orange at the weekend’s UPF rally. In fact, a few of Nick Folkes most loyal puppy dogs went forth and Nazied in Nick’s name.

What were they doing there? One might ask Ralph Cerminara why he didn’t alert Blair, Tom and Chris to Mark’s presence since he famously threw him off the bus headed for last year’s Reclaim rally in Melbourne.


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