Thursday, February 11, 2016


This "ex-Nazi" hates Nazis more than Slackbastard

It is no great intellectual achievement to figure out that Neil Erikson and Shermon Burgess are behaving like jilted bitches.

However, their onslaught of calumnies against the UPF, as they try to drive a wedge between their supporters in the “patriot movement”, is a little too coordinated and channelled to be simply the work of dysfunctional clowns like they are.

Sure, the animosity within these two attention-junkies could drive it, but something more is going on in the background. At the end of the day, nothing satisfies better than unadulterated proof, but in the game we’re in — alternative politics — we do not always have the luxury of proximity to that truth. This is why we have to join the dots on what we do know, refer to history, examine the tell-tale signifiers of what we have come to understand so well, and draw ourselves a picture from there.

We can therefore confidently estimate that the compromised Shermon Burgess and the discredited Neil Erikson have provided the perfect agents of discord for any third party with an equally vested interest in doing the growing popularity of the UPF harm.

He is so patriotic that he has made White Genocide a patriotic act
There are some basic reasons that Sherm and Neil would personally wish to do this: both were required to leave the UPF for one reason or another, and both have an axe to grind with the leadership of UPF for tearing them away from something which provided them all the privilege of an identity.

Identity is what a subculture provides for the disenfranchised of society. In a big world that often doesn’t give a shit who we are or whether we die, it is important to develop a sense of self — an identity. Some make their own reality and invent themselves through extremes like becoming serial killers; others dress up in outlandish clothes like Goths; others become religious fanatics; but for all of those on the sub tiers of society having an identity is very important.

This is where gangs come from; this is where just about everything we know as alternative lifestyles — and even mainstream lifestyles — springs from; surfing culture for instance.

To a large extent the world of alternative of politics is arguably a subculture, or bears all the elements. It gives those without a reputation their own identity, their own purpose, ideas and meaning. It also provides them with a substitute for the wider world in the game of life, by providing its own heroes and villains.
Blair Cottrell's passport photo
Burgess and Erikson are two unremarkable characters who found a fleeting fame in the admittedly noble pursuit of galvanising ordinary Australians against the threat of Islam. Burgess did it as the public face of a brand of activism, and Erikson did it other ways, by using his videos. But outside of the good either has done, is the bad they now do.

This ‘badness’ they do stems from the inherent flaws in their characters, which is what had them ousted from the UPF in the first place.

When the UPF got serious, that meant it had to do some serious housekeeping. It is very hard to fault the logic that went through the minds of the UPF leadership when they looked at these two colourful characters and said to themselves, “This pair of plonkers are going to be a real problem down the track if they do not get their own way.”

It would be impossible to prove them wrong, now that you can see how out of nowhere two embittered characters have joined together to bring down a movement by employing the tactic of trying to herd their audiences to the belief that the victims of their assaults are in fact the villains.

And what other tactics have they employed? It is very interesting, but they use the same tactics that were used back in the day by Nick Folkes and Darrin Hodges. They played up this idea of populism and of pandering to a mainstream view that made Islam the absolute opponent and allowed Zionism as an ally. This meant labelling and dividing the “Nazis” from the “normal” patriots. The essential principles of nationalism underwent a brutal surgery to remove their very core — that belief in preserving the racial identity of the people of Australia.
Found one! Over here! Yep, he's a Nazi. You can tell 'cos he is wearing a swastika T-shirt!
Anyone can see that when you remove a barrier to involvement one can expect all the support from those who would otherwise find they are excluded. So when Hodges and Folkes wanted to open up ‘nationalism’ to all in a unity against Islam they attempted to rewrite the inviolate rules of nationalism. By doing so, of course, they committed the worst act of treachery because those rules existed to create a movement in defence of White Australians, who, like White Europeans in general are being “assimilated” out of existence through a conscious program of migration and integration.

Now that the patriot movement has been overtaken by the same Zionist forces that oversee such experiments (and it is very much a Zionist science) that imperative for the defence of the founding race of Australia (as opposed to Aborigines who never founded a thing) it is no longer about protecting the endangered Australian.

These patriots have been brainwashed to accord with the mainstream view that they are supposedly opposing, in which integration is an integral component to the recreation of Australia into a so-called ‘multicultural’ country. Australian identity is just a “flag” and a set of coded values predicated on not much but some abstract platitudes about ‘mateship’ and ‘eating pork’. It seems of all the races driving us into a minority, the only one we have to fear is Islam — not China, which owns much of our agriculture, natural resources, and commercial and private real estate, and which is on a mission of global supremacy. No, not China. And not India, even though in the phone book for at least one major city the most common surname is Indian. It’s not the Africans with their brutality and savage inclinations, or the Islanders with their inability to advance beyond a state of permanent intellectual childhood.
Applying the Erikson school of truth, this is fair dinkum proof that Neil is a fully paid up and practising rabbi
Nope, it’s just Islam, and even though Whites represent just eight percent of the world’s population, and our countries are now so flooded with Arabs, sub-continentals, Africans and Asians that even in our own lands we are now almost a minority — it remains, even amongst those waving our very flag, and claiming to be leading our national interests — the most deadly sin to dare to speak up about race.

For a brief time Shermon Burgess attained a relevance on the back of something which brought us ever nearer to guiding the understanding of Australia close to this atrocity of White genocide… but he chose to go with the very people that are driving it. For a short period Neil Erikson championed those values, but for an allegorical few pieces of silver and a beef born of his own shortcomings of character, he has lifted a knife to drive it into the back of that which was for a brief moment more important than his own life, and his self-interest. This is the definition of traitors.

They have chosen to use the Hodges’ model against those within the UPF who they want to derail for their own selfish purpose. They are calling out “Nazis”, or as we have stated, those motivated by the defence of their own people.
There are people drawn to the ‘Nazi’ subculture — i.e. the fetishist obsession with National Socialist symbolism and paraphernalia — and it is inevitable these people will turn up some day at the doorstep of both the patriot movement and more especially the nationalist scene. But the nationalists usually dissuade them, partly out of a need to not have their serious intentions spoiled by the negative connotations, but more so because they are educated enough about nationalism to understand that is usually just a phase.

In fact, the number of those who could truly be considered crackpots for their Nazi fixation is small enough that it makes them no threat at all. And well, others just like the style, and why not — a former editor of GQ Magazine in England was sacked for stating the obvious: that Nazis looked cool.

The threat is the same old Zionist bogey of calling people Nazis.

But the amusing thing here is that to the wider nation, still under the influence of the drug of mass conformity, we are ALL Nazis.

Shermon is a Nazi… Neil was and IS still a Nazi… We at WLT are Nazis. Blair is a Nazi, Tom Sewell is a Nazi, Nick Folkes is a Nazi, Jim Saleam is a Nazi, Nationalist Alternative are unrepentant Nazis.

But it would appear, some are more Nazi than others.


Anonymous said...

Never mind Neil ran around with Right Wing Resistance in Melbourne for a number of years , attended Blood and Honour gigs and is still friendly with members of C 18 . He's a fucking clown .

Anonymous said...

Fuck these irrelevant cunts. Don't waste your time on them.

Neil is a fucking dog, and he WILL have his day.

Shermon will die off as soon as his supporters have left him, which won't take long.

These clowns have started on the slippery slope to the bottom of the shit pile.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did run around with RWR amd he did go to those blood and honour gigs, but no he hates c18 because they bashed two of his mates for being sex offenders.and he had a sook because of it

Noachideous said...

If a democracy of the Dead exists, then the Australian Government cares not one iota or gives two shits for the legacy and will of the ANZACs... who in Australia were largely AngloCelts or NorseGaels.

It is a kosher lie to suggest that majority ANZACs knowingly fought for 'multiculturalism', diversity, perversity and tolerance (of lies) in their racial nations, be they in Australia or Europe.

History demonstrates that all Racial Europeans, be they Russian, German, French, English, Scot, Norse.....etc.. and in no particular order fought and died for the benefit of jew Israel, preordained to be created in 1948 as detailed by manipulative and calculating jew Cabbalists.

Fork Tongued BnaiBrith Filth at the (1948 by 158Pi or 58 42), continue to abuse their memory finding use a diversely tolerant Kosher Toilet. As do the two former Prime Monsters Hawke and Howard who provide 'advice' on preferred toilet technique.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand these satellite Liberal Party operatives.

The fundamental question should be: Are you for White Australia or not?

Anonymous said...

These dipshits carry on about the ANZAC spirit and how they fought the Nazis , and for the Australian way of life , yet seem to forget that the Australian way of life in WW2 was the White Australia policy . I guess they don't want to let that get in the way of them rooting gook scum .