Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Be very afraid. Nup, scratch that, just be VERY gullible!
Antifa Neil Erikson has been hard at work in his new job as a Zionist propagandist. He has been pumping out bumf about “Nazis” and how dangerous they are.

Few of our readers would know, since nobody pays attention to Neil anymore. We only learned of it because our advice was sought on a video uploaded to a reader’s page by the New Australian Defence League: a division of Antifa who are dumb enough to believe anybody gives a shit about their cancerous pro-White Genocide doctrine.

The typical action of this Facebook group is to travel around FB finding nationalist and patriot pages and posting propaganda that is immediately deleted. In other words, they insist on inflicting their unwanted Marxist worldview on those least likely to be enthralled by its perverted incandescence.

The video was created by Antifa Neil and we are now going to “unpack” it, as liberal students love to say. Titled ‘Don’t be a Nazi kids’ the message is pathologically simple (like its creator): Nazis are bad, patriots are good. But what the fuck does that even MEAN?

It means that Antifa Neil is a Zionist tool, but we are less interested in that washed-up has-been traitor and keener to address this ‘tactic’ which is used by both Antifa and lately the conservative right and their ‘patriot’ offspring.

The fact is, those who consider themselves “Nazis” are a tiny fringe so small and disconnected that their relevance is only in the parlance of story-telling.

Nationalist groups have traditionally been wary whenever a hobnail-booted skinhead comes clomping along with a swastika armband preaching the murder of “inferior races”. We have learned from history that these jokers are invariably provocateurs, and not more than once have been exposed as being created by Jews to further the perception that anti-Semitism is at plague proportions. This typically justifies a Zionist response, which means that ‘Nazis’ are the best friends that Zionists can have. The case of Melbourne Zionist Abraham Cykiert regularly meeting with Cass Young, the head of the Australian Nazi Party in the 1970s, is worth bearing in mind. More recently, the actions of Liberal-party creation Squadron 88 must be considered.
We are in a period of intense Jewish shilling. Europe is in the throes of a Biblical cleansing of White Europeans, generated by the desires of the state of Israel, manipulated through its big beast puppet the USA. If ever there was a time to expose a Zionist, it is now. And this is why the labelling of those opposing the cultural and ethnic cleansing by the neoliberal globalist cabal is being slandered with the “Nazi” tag.

Anyone speaking out against government policies that are expunging the population through diabolically engineered migration is “Nazi”. All the attendant imagery of flags and uniforms, gas chambers and crematoriums is instantly invoked. It is propaganda that seems to work especially well on so-called patriots, who have become defined separately from nationalists for the very reason that they’re too afraid to address the central question of what is causing their anxieties for fear of being labelled “Nazis”.

The UPF are currently fizzling out like a wet fart thanks to this elementary propaganda. The mighty Blair Cottrell has been cucked like a henpecked nerd by this kindergarten tactic. He is currently allied with the very people responsible for fucking what those one-year wonders presumptuously referred to as “the movement”; and all because the accusation of being a ‘Nazi’ has the same effect on him as kryptonite has on Superman. Thus, the United Patriots Front might as well be called the United Zionist Front, but who cares.

They always were too green to get over the number of Facebook likes they misinterpreted as a groundswell of national support for their bedroom political party.

Yet, when you think that what “might have been” could have been if only dicks like Nick Folkes and Ralph Cerminara and the rest of the shitheads were dispatched with a well-informed advisory note on the use of the “N” charge it seems a shame.

Blair once dismissed Australia’s longest serving nationalist, Dr Jim Saleam, as having “done nothing”. The big booby had failed to grasp that simply by surviving and keeping his party alive despite the onslaught of controlled agents; the Special Branch; the Jews; the nutbags; the collaborators; the informants; the Zionists and Nick Folkes he has earned a lifetime achievements award from the nationalists of Australia.

Hey, Antifa Neil, whatch'ya doin?


Thursday, March 24, 2016


We've all been there, but some never leave
Comrades, nationalists, patriots, flamers and trolls it is time for us to lose the madness of internet addiction and do something much healthier like shoot-up heroin.

More mental wrecks are crawling out from these social network instigated dramas and wars than there are registered junkies on methadone. All in all, it would seem that scag is a much safer addiction than Facebook.

To be sure, we at WLT have sat gravely watching the stream of burn-outs pass by on the monitors of our laptops and interfaces of our android phones. We have observed otherwise lucid human beings reduced to babbling hysterics all because they forgot about the real world and invested their energy in Facebook.

Ideally, Facebook should come with a health warning; spend too long on it embroiled in flame wars against ideological opponents and you will end up twitching like a rapist convinced that your every movement is being monitored.
Antifa Neil Erikson is a fine example of a once comparatively normal person whose entire personality changed after prolonged exposure to Facebook. Before long he had passed from sharing useful information with trusted friends to honestly believing that all those he encountered on the social networking site are indeed extra-terrestrials. It's no joke. Neil was convinced that aliens anally probed him with a length of spaghetti after abducting him while he was messaging someone.
He still recalls that encounter with fear and refuses to sleep because he is terrified the aliens will come back for him. This is why we at WLT took no offence at half the trash he wrote about us. We knew that in Neil’s scrambled mind his calumnies were in fact a secret code that he was deluded into thinking the aliens could not decipher. For instance, “Whitelaw Towers are Nazis” actually meant “My bottom itches terribly after the last anal-probing and now I have the hots for Fox Mulder”.
Neil is not alone... he has multiple personalities to keep him company
Yes, it’s both tragic and alarming what Facebook will do to people. In fact, it’s embarrassing watching supposedly mature adults cat-fighting like teenagers in a popularity contest — threatening each other with legal suits and AVOs over piffling slights in the comments of some irrelevant post somebody made on a dingbat FB group.

There are actually people that assume multiple identities; who waste their time creating bogus email accounts so that they can register with Facebook and attack otherwise anonymous arseholes because something they posted triggered them. These are called “sock puppets” and they use them to try and reinforce their real profile with the illusion of moral support, or to attack somebody who burned them; giving the false impression that there are more people who hold a particular point of view than the object of their enmity.

One day WLT will happily share all it knows with an entire conference of Viennese psychiatrists studying the phenomena, but right now we’re just shaking our heads at the farce we see playing out before our weary eyes.

And heed our counsel! This is what comes of forgetting that Facebook is simply a tool of connectivity for nationalists and patriots — it is not, of itself, the political or ideological landscape. It seems such an elementary thing, but too many folks are now hooked on their own self-righteousness and hubris.

Facebook psychosis is very real and the symptoms easily spotted. If you are online more hours than you are active on your feet; if the first thing you do upon waking is to roll over and check what's happening on FB; if you find yourself compulsively checking out a particular page in case your name is mentioned; if you become 'suspicious' about the allegiances of friends on your profile; if you begin taking screen shots of other people’s posts and filing them away; if you create sock puppets and follow others around FB harassing them beyond all reasonable measure; if you start in-boxing them with creepy private messages; these are all the primary stages of Facebook madness. Thereafter, the contretemps move from Facebook, into real life.

When you go so far as to find out the personal details of another FB user and start ringing up their home, or workplace; if you contact known associates of other FB users and spew forth scurrilous lies; if you make plans to spray paint stripper on somebody’s car you have crossed over into total Facebook psychosis.

We here at WLT cannot stand to see this pathetic thing happen. We ask youse one and all to defeat this hideous Zuckerberg-related illness and rise without Facebook.

It’s time.
Rise without Facebook.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It is an exciting time for Ziopatriots
A period of assessment will inevitably follow the Belgium terror attacks. As usual, the civic patriots and Zios will be capitalizing on it, and nationalists will watch it all go round in circles back to the “need” to get ISIS in Syria.

Sensible comments from presidential candidate and hopeful saviour of the west, Donald Trump, which basically say that nobody from Moslem countries should be allowed through our borders, will be defended by some in the conservative press and denounced by the greater left wing press; who will argue the usual horse hockey about needing to wrest the hearts and minds of ‘true’ Moslems back from the extremists.

They will be joined by local left wing groups eager to use the bombings for their own rhetoric of inclusion and anti-racism, while Moslems will make false claims about harassment to gain sympathy and fire up the rhetoric of their firebrand Imams preaching in urban mosques to scores of resettled Moslem migrants who feel that because theirs is the only true god that everything in this country — and the entire world — is also theirs to blow up until everyone submits to the will of “Allah”.

Europe will continue to submit to the chokehold of globalist Jewish bankers and terrorists will filter into the EU hidden unchecked amongst bogus “refugees”. None of it will really bother the powerful and those pulling strings in the shadows because if it did the only sensible course of action would be for every nation to close their doors to unsuitable migration and make arrangements for all from troublesome backgrounds and of hostile origins to be immediately relocated regardless of whatever sentimental blackmail issues from the beastly snakes’ heads in the United Nations and their Human Rights Commission.
Don't you think it's about time you supported Israel now, goyim?
Meanwhile, as all this goes on, Chinese millionaires educated in our universities will buy up more and more prime housing properties while their nation acquires even more of our real estate for development along with vast tracts of agricultural assets to the detriment of both local farmers and consumers; more migrants, many families of economic refugees on reunification programs, will arrive in the country and disperse into the cities. Other migrants will join them from the sub-continent and Asia. The rental market in major cities will tighten as rents rise. Likewise, the jobs market, swelling with applicants will favour according to a ‘diversity distribution’; female graduates — the new privileged in the west thanks to programs over the past decades that preference females in education — will also benefit from special opportunities while the media cries about non-existent “gender pay gaps”; and the urban landscape will change even more to reflect the new monetary elite’s vision of the nation and its place in “the Asian century”.

On Facebook, dark memes about Belgium will fly through user’s news feeds; patriot groups will organise protests; Antifa will arrange for counter protests; Waleed Ali will look sincerely into the Channel 10 cameras as he delivers a message of tolerance wrapped up in a monologue and which will be Tweeted en-masse and lauded throughout the controlled media as it will help to “heal” something or other.

This meme will give you solace
The increasing number of homeless being driven slyly off welfare and unable to afford accommodation will only be thinking about their next meal and whether or not that bag of rags they need for sleeping will be safe stashed near the station while they scrounge for butts and things; Ice addicts will assume it’s Friday, or Sunday, or next Tuesday, but it won’t matter because they won the lotto in the form of a stolen Android phone which should bring ‘em in enough to fill their glass pipe (their most treasured and only remaining possession) for another crazy night; a mother somewhere will sit stricken with helpless rage comforting her seven-year-old daughter which a “refugee” who was “traumatized during his time in a camp” sexually molested at a public shopping centre but the public can’t get the full picture because laws prevent the mentioning of anyone involved in a child sex crime; hospital queues will grow slower under the weight of the burgeoning population; politicians will sit with their spin doctors tweaking the latest round of bumf to sell the public over this, that and the other; Malcolm Turnbull will put on his yarmulke and go off to address Jewish leaders in his home seat in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney; inedible bilge and offal not fit for a swamp will be splodged out on a production line, packaged, and rushed into the food aisles at supermarkets for the sweaty masses to fill their poisoned bellies; celebrities will Tweet their opinions about how Donald Trump is worse than Hitler; young girls will idolise whores and tramps strutting out half-dressed for the Daily Mail’s incessant snappers; product will move, units will shift, barcodes will be scanned; children in schools will be taught about how White people murdered everyone of colour; some disturbed loser with a fatal predisposition to falling victim to fashion will be grappling with his or her gender identity… and far off in Tel Aviv, away from prying eyes and listening ears a large frog with sparkling eyes named Pepe sits smiling ambiguously at us within the borders of a jarring meme.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Anyone can be an Australian as long as they vote for Pauline
Pauline Hanson has abandoned any pretence of representing the interests of White Australia. An ad taken off her Facebook page (and now missing) states, “You don’t have to be White to be Australian. We only ask you learn to read and write English, respect our flag, abide by our laws and constitution and join in with the rest of us.”
Meanwhile, her cover photo on her main Facebook page sounds curiously nationalist as it repeats a slogan from 1996: “To survive in peace and harmony, we must have one flag, one people, one nation.”
So, how do these two messages reconcile with each other? The 1996 call for unity is being reissued but Hanson’s party’s policy is decidedly multi-racialist.
How can you have “one people” in “one nation” unless those people are homogenous? The very name of the party is misleading unless it refers to White Australia since there is only one geographical nation. That One Nation must now mean Australians all thinking and behaving in uniformity. But given that One Nation courts the Christian right and is willing to accept gays that theory must be dismissed.
Opposing mosques not-so-seriously is a good way to take the community's mind off the massive Chinese development you're bringing in, such as happened here, in Penrith
Once upon a time One Nation DID signify one race, otherwise Hanson’s maiden speech to parliament would never have addressed the Asianisation of Australia; something that no longer worries her, apparently, if those Asians in Australia speak English, drive on the right side of the road, and tear-up whenever the flag flies on a day of national significance.
Hanson has reinvented herself as one of the myriad anti-Islam entities bobbing around on the peripheries of Australian political life. And just like those other civic patriot groups, the message is that diversity is fine without Islam.
Hanson stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other civics who denounces nationalists as “Nazis” because our nationalism is racial.
Yet, in the never-ending incongruities of civics, they will shake hands with Africans in grip-and-grin shots meant to soften their public image, but leap on events such as the African gang riot in Melbourne. Presumably, these Africans are fine unless they riot. But Australian youth riot too. Anglo Aussie youth gets drunk and baits the police in gangs too, so clearly being law-abiding is a tenuous basis to define this “assimilation” of which they speak.
A party with a Jewish 2IC, a man married to an Asian, and an Asian activist make a convincing display of opposing White Genocide
What is they DO mean? It all comes back to opposition to Islam. But how can you oppose Islam for its alien culture; its different dress; its architectural intrusions into the Australian urban landscape and yet ignore the blocks and blocks where the Asian community has transformed the environment to reflect their presence? Or in suburbs where a polyglot of foreign peoples with their different dress speak foreign languages and shop in stores designed in foreign motifs that sell unusual products which appeal to the tastes and requirements of foreign cultures?
How can you join the controlled media’s hysteria about “terrorism” and not include Islander gangs, African gangs, and Asian gangs in that same category? Is this a religious divide only, or is a secular clash with Islam? If so, why would one secular group oppose Islam and the secular liberals support it? Is it a political thing? Do the left support Islam and the right oppose Islam and if so is it on religious grounds?
How can any of these civic patriot groups claim to be more Aussie than thou, yet have no idea about Arthur Calwell, or Jack Lang, or Percy Stephenson? How can they dismiss, or shut out of their minds the White Australia Policy? How come they never ask, “What was so wrong with the White Australia policy that it needed changing?” Is it because a few educated middle class aesthetes yearned for something on their plate other than roast lamb on Sunday, or were Whites developing unconquerable abnormalities from living without the nourishment of diversity to enrich their life experience?
That’s a lot of questions, and to nationalists, most are rhetorical. But when you have sorted the inconsistencies from the hypocrisies you can ask one more question of them that those from an educated background will dismiss as sophistry: “If all can come here and be considered Australian, if I move to China and keep my head down, does that make me Chinese?”
If the answer is no, because from all their experience the Chinese identity is uniquely racial and cannot exist in the mind or imagination without all of its racial and cultural attributes, how can Australians accept all races and still be Australian? If they believe they can, then being Australian is no more of a matter than being the holder of a particular membership, such as in a club. If this is the case, there is no need at all for patriotism.
Yes, all civics now hisses at and reviles nationalists because we DO consider the definition of Australian a racial question. We consider being Germans a question of race; French a matter of race; Swedish; Greek; Italian and African are all a matter of race.
Patriots would have no time for this bloke since he was a Nazi
The same civics must be of the mind that a German can now be a Chinese person who speaks Deutsch and flits around in Lederhosen during Oktoberfest but it’s more probable that they don’t.
The civics will post links to stories highlighting the crime of what mass migration has done to Europe. They will comment bitterly over the transformation that has robbed European nations and their peoples of their defining characteristics. Yet, they will call us “Nazis” for wanting to preserve what is unique and defining about being Australian.
What then does Hanson want, just to use her as an example? See, if you have attended a Reclaim Australia rally you will know that those MC guests addressing the crowd will swear (and truthfully) they do not want to ban Moslems from this country they just don’t want “Sharia law”.
The Liberal party does not want Sharia law either, nor does Labor or the Greens, so just what is the point in voting for Hanson? What does she stand for?
Members of One Nation Western Australia could answer that quite well: in a nutshell she wants to be elected so that she can enjoy a validated politician’s payday.
Hanson doesn’t care about Australia, because she doesn’t stand for anything that seriously concerns Australia.
Why should this bother a nationalist? Because Hanson is still defined by what she represented in 1996 before the savage political journey battered all the conviction out of her. Nostalgia is now her trade, and sadly, it works for her. Those ill-educated in nationalist politics see her as a signifier of nationalist ideals. They will post on Facebook, sentimental in what she once meant to them, gushes such as “I will not have a bad word said against Pauline.”
She is camera bait, too, and cynical players will trot her out just so that the association with her will prove favourable for themselves.
These are the great mass of the patriot movement, all moving in this same tempo, to the same logic, back and forth in the same repeating directions without actually advancing anywhere because there is nowhere logically they can advance.
Meanwhile, Whites are being outbred; White nations overrun; and globalists have made White people prisoners – not with armies – but with politics and ideas.
There is nothing in any of the ideas of Hanson or the civics that offer any defence against White Genocide because they turn on the one crucial pivot that makes White Genocide possible: they oppose the idea of racial homogeneity.
To accept what you see is to understand the logic of civic patriotism

Sunday, March 20, 2016


As nationalists know there is, currently in the final stages of negotiation, a coalition of nationalist groups being fleshed out.

The formation of this coalition and its council will solidify nationalism in this country and put an end to historic bickering and quarrels. But it will also provide a process of self-regulation that will eliminate the encroachment onto nationalist turf by those who would serve other purposes.

Under such a coalition the rules determining what constitutes racial nationalism will be unalterably laid down as an empirical definition never to be tampered with by provocateurs and agitators evermore.

However, it is known of the involvement of Australia First Party in the coalition, and to that end concerns have been whispered by some with an historical axe to grind. For one reason or another, these people are leery of the involvement of AFP party president Dr Jim Saleam. They have informally sought assurances that such a coalition will not be a wider vehicle at his control. The very concept of a coalition negates the concentration of power in an individual or member group.
The existence of such a coalition should therefore of itself quell such suspicions since by its very function it makes all members accountable and empowered. If an individual or group member falls afoul of the constitution and rules of the council they will be answerable to the central committee. Expulsion from the coalition would amount to invalidation as a nationalist organization. As such, the purity of nationalism in Australia will be guaranteed.

We are in a time where Facebook seems to be creating a confusion of political identity and belonging. Pages are springing up like mushrooms after rain. Those seeking guidance in nationalism might be convinced by the number of “likes” that a single page may boast; or may be lured into one of the many groups — such as Soldiers of Odin Australia — who borrow from the nationalist wardrobe to push something else. A valid coalition of true nationalists will remedy the pitfalls of using social media as a communication tool until such a time as a better medium than Facebook arrives.

Times are very good for nationalism right now. Events have revealed the essential differences between the civic patriots and nationalists. For us nationalists that is a far better thing. It is our nationalism that is forever being plundered and redefined by those that are in reality the opponents of all we believe. They wish to subvert it, alter it, and repurpose it to beguile others into supporting nefarious causes. Ultimately, they want to break it.

As nationalists we are not a massive movement. We are the distillation of those who’ve travelled the road of discovery to arrive at the truth. It is not an easy road, and many attempting that same path get side-tracked, or lured down the wrong avenue. The patriots are not us and never will be. We are not populists and do not believe that all which bespeaks our consciousness is inscribed in the colours of the Australian flag. We are not mere chickens to be mesmerized by its hypnotic swinging.

We are awakened and we hope very much to awaken others, because right now, the globalist forces are feverishly set about to replacing us with those from alien cultures; to rewrite who we are; and to make sure that traditional peoples such as Europeans are bred and re-cultured out of existence. It does not help us to be constantly embattled against our very enemy who dons an Australian flag and fools all those we wish to enlighten into believing that we are monsters to be defined by cartoon imagery of National Socialists from 1930s Germany. It aids us even less that these usurpers would then trick White Australians into supporting groups and causes that have a long-term goal of making them unwelcome in their own home.


Saturday, March 19, 2016


This is what is a 'safe school' will look like. Safe for reds and queers only
The trashing of Senator Cory Bernadi’s office yesterday by spoiled brats overdosing on Marxist indoctrination has received understandable comment from many on the so-called political right.

There are indeed grounds for mention, and the most significant observation should regard the inactivity of police while these Clearasil Revolutionaries were running amok like cranked-up Ewoks. Because it goes without saying that if it was Australia First Party members tearing apart the office of a political opponent, Tomahawk missiles would be approved for launch.

Just why is it that we seem to have THE most cucked police force in every state and territory of this big SBS reality drama we call Australia?

In Queensland police are excellent at arresting anybody that even offers the suggestion of being a biker, but otherwise they might as well just save on salaries and post cut-out cardboard figures in place of actual officers for all the good they do.

Of course, if business was threatened, that might be another thing, and that’s what we keep forgetting in all of our political contretemps. Business is all that matters and the mercantile class are the only ones with rights. Consumers have only the right to consume.

But in all the eagerness to censure these undergraduate vandals, folks are overlooking what a brilliant thing it was. Nothing condemns these Social Justice Bandits quite like letting them demonstrate that all their lack of tolerance comes supposedly in the name of that self-same tolerance.

Yes, it was a beautiful display, and the non-responsiveness on the part of the police was lovely too. The entire crippled mentality of the west was on display in that one small incident — a microcosmic play dramatizing all that is wrong with our western world. Back in the days of the 1960s and 70s’ student protests these oily brats would have copped a hardwood baton between the eyes. Their foppish heads would’ve been bashed against a paddy wagon and they would have collapsed crying from all the CS spray stinging their eyes. Nowadays, it’s as if their ‘protest’ is a hallowed religious expression. They are like pilgrims off to Mecca and the authorities are loath to interfere with their passage.

Moreover, Bernadi has called for protesters to be charged, but the depth of his outrage is highly questionable. Is he secretly pleased about this display since it gains him sympathy? The irony is of course delicious, given his opposition to the curiously titled ‘Safe Schools Program’, the students themselves show just how safe they are. Hell, a federal senator’s own office is not even safe from those advocating for safety in schools. Mind you, they are REALLY, as we know, advocating for children to be safely turned into queers without nasty right wingers bashing the pedos who are corrupting them.

Yet, the main problem with the commentaries on that incident was the tendency to make a hero out of Bernadi, who is a civic patriot. They forget that Bernadi is a Tory; an admirer of both Margaret Thatcher and Bob Menzies. Look deeply into him and you will find another John Howard. He IS a Zionist. Expressing solidarity will only validate him in the eyes of one’s own supporters. Unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool conservative of the Liberal ilk, you are guilty of betraying your own principles and weakening your own cause if you tick the approval for your supporters to like him.
He is a cuckservative and the trashing of his office was cuckservative theatre at its best. The opposite of cuckservative would be what would happen if those kids tried doing that to Mick Gatto’s office.

Cory Bernadi once worked in a bottle shop

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Let's keep this short and fast. Firstly, we are sick and tired of being outflanked by those who wish to usurp White nationalism and nationalism in general. A clear divide between us and them must be held.

As has been noted time and time again, it is the civic nationalists and kosher conservatives who are continually attempting to water down who we are and what we stand for. There simply cannot be a crossover. Our only way forward is to avoid cross contamination by supporting or associating with these groups.

That being the case, the latest incarnation from this year's dysfunctional Patriot movement 'Soldiers of Odin Australia' should be condemned as frauds and left alone. If you think non-White migration is fine but believe that Islamic immigration should be halted leave now and read no more. If you cannot bring yourself to question deeper what is truly going and are happy to be just a hater, again, we are not for you.

If you fit the above category, you are simply not a nationalist. Nationalism is not for faint-hearted and can only be understood by delving a lot deeper than some US/Israeli-based Facebook page.

So in a nutshell, Soldiers of Odin in Australia by their own actions and words, are not nationalist. If you decide to support them, do it far away from us. Feel free to keep the state running around and chasing you down as your undisciplined members go the way of Antifa Neil Erikson and Shermon look-at-my-Thors-Hammer Burgess. While this happens, real nationalists should spend their time strengthening our own frontline.  The world will need you soon enough, but that simply won't be the case if you are languishing in jail because of the actions of an undisciplined member high on their own ego. 

To those of us out there who follow the old ways and are not very happy having Odin's name attached to a possible honey trap, move on. We all know it's not the size of the Mjolnir you wear around your neck, it's what is in your heart. For us, our heart knows only our folk, and the protection of our culture and homelands. Our sympathy and plight are with our people and no other. So get busy doing just that and remember that revenge is a dish best served cold.

We shall continue to shine a light on those who attempt to mock our beliefs and disrespect our folk by laying down with the enemy. But we will not continue to be distracted by them. People can either heed our warning or choose to go their own way. I doubt our readers need to be told twice. We will continue to link updates from other nationalist pages concerning this latest clusterf*^#k, but other wise more issues await.      

11. Truth requires little explanation. Therefore, beware of verbose doctrines. The great principles are revealed in brevity.

Monday, March 14, 2016


White officers in Melbourne violate the human rights of rioting gang members who threatened to kill them
Multiculturalists are today celebrating the rewards of diversity after both Melbourne and Sydney hosted vibrant displays of senseless non-White violence involving hundreds of wild black savages.
Melbourne erupted after Islander and African gangs arranged to hit each other with baseball bats and other objects at a major section of the city because White oppression meant they were bored. Not providing constant free entertainment for non-Whites with infinitesimal attention spans is considered a human rights violation.
The Age, which is socialist porn, reports that rival groups of non-Whites proved that by adding Africans to a civilised society it will soon degenerate into a smouldering Mad Max apocalypse:
Two street gangs have clashed violently in Melbourne's CBD, sending terrified innocent bystanders running from Federation Square and a Swanston Street cafe.
Others were forced back inside a restaurant for their own safety as a lengthy brawl erupted in Federation Square, where hundreds of families had gathered to celebrate the Moomba festival and watch the annual fireworks, about 10pm on Saturday.
"We were absolutely terrified," said Troy West, from Bendigo, who spent 45 minutes locked inside a Federation Square restaurant as police tried to contain the rival groups outside.
"You're there for a night out and you don't expect to see gang violence."
The melee involved scores of youths believed to be members of the Apex and Islander 23 teenage street gangs, who had started clashing in the city from about 7.50pm.
Police used capsicum spray to disperse the gangs, but the groups then moved to Swanston Street, where they stormed Brunetti's cafe in City Square and began hurling chairs.
Patrons who had been sipping coffee only moments earlier ran for safety, while others reportedly jumped on tables in a bid to avoid the violence.
The gangs also stopped trams along Swanston Street and surrounded a police car, according to reports.
Of course, for Whites to understand that they are now on the way out it is important to let those of the ebony hue express themselves. After all, you make them feel inferior with your science, maths, architecture, philosophy and your centuries of sophisticated art.
These are simple creatures, goyim, and their idea of entertainment involves taking a rock and bashing it over somebody’s skull.

Melbourne would be unrecognisable without Congo Killers running riot
This is probably why police knew about this but because of cultural sensitivities they did nothing to prevent it.

Police were aware of the threat of violence, with reports surfacing on Saturday afternoon of the gangs' plans to meet in the city.
The fight was reportedly organised over snapchat - a video messaging app - by the Apex gang.
A photo of weapons, including baseball bats, knuckle dusters, machetes and knives, was sent out over the social media app.
Channel 7 News reported that one of the gang members also posted: "Moomba gon be lit aha."
Apex is a gang of young criminals, known for violent car thefts across Melbourne's south-east suburbs. Earlier this year, one of its young members threatened to walk into a Melbourne police station and shoot an officer.
In a statement on Sunday morning, police said they were investigating a "series of affrays", as well as four robberies and an assault, which occurred in Federation Square and surrounding areas on Saturday night.
Now you get to experience the joys of White man’s burden; working to house, feed, and incarcerate lower races that were nothing but damaged prototypes on the workbench of evolution. Everything you built -- your entire dreams -- reduced to this. Moreover, those same streets you pay the upkeep of are now off-limits to you because you did diversity.
And it wasn’t only Melbourne that paid the price for letting Jews be the boss of them — Sydney also had a riot involving rampaging coloureds, as SMH reported:
Two men have been charged after a series of brawls involving more than two dozen people rolled through Sydney's CBD in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Police are still investigating what sparked the fights, which occurred in a laneway near the Metro Theatre concert venue and also spread down George and Pitt streets, about 3am.
One resident nearby said he woke to screaming and shouting and from his balcony filmed as a woman knocked another to the ground.
In the footage, police can be seen sprinting towards the pair and heard repeatedly shouting "go home".
The brawls, he said, lasted for at least half an hour and police were moving between different locations trying to break up separate fights.
"There was a bunch of smaller skirmishes. It looked like there was a lot of people around and I think there were a lot of people fighting in a lot of different places," the man said.
Acting Inspector Steve Hodges said police thought it was a single group of men and women involved in the fights, but it was not known if they had left the concert venue or had just gathered in the area.
"From what I understand, the majority of the persons involved were of an African descent," Acting Inspector Hodges said.
"Whether it was two separate groups or two groups within a group, that's all part of what we're trying to find out."
At the time the fights started, it is believed a concert raising money for cyclone-devastated Fiji had just ended and crowds spilled onto the streets.
There are plenty more Africans coming all the time, goyim, and it makes for heaps of Zionist laughter knowing that we have trained your own kind to be the greatest activists for White Genocide. PRAAG.Org reports:
A lecturer in philosophy yesterday said at a radical antiwhite, anti-Afrikaner conference at the University of the Witwatersrand that “whites should die”. The lecturer, Terblanche Delport, from UNISA, was reported by the Johannesburg newspaper Beeld as saying that “the only (life) purpose for whites, specifically Afrikaners, is to await their death or to commit suicide, like the sumarai falls on his short sword when he has fallen into disgrace”.
His statement comes amid a wave of anti-white and anti-Afrikaans racial feeling in the country with Afro-Marxist groups calling for the ethnic cleansing of Afrikaners from the country, and campus riots regularly breaking out. His call for whites to either commit suicide or passively await their deaths, presumably at the hands of black revolutionaries in a race war, was delivered at a conference on “Afrikaner identity” organised by the “Department of Diversity Studies” at the University of the Witwatersrand run by another radical, cultural-Marxist academic, Melissa Steyn.


Terblanche Delport is a White South African lecturer who wants all Whites to die

 So while the African flies in luxury into the nations your White descendants died building and lives off your inheritance, thanks to us Jews, back in places like Zimbabwe Whites must live among rats and rubbish waiting to be killed by blacks because they are White and not entitled to refugee status. It’s funny, eh, goyim.
And in America, the land of democracy, you are free only to vote for White Genocide otherwise Soros’s Anti-Trump attack force will burn the city down.
But it's also funny when you think the hysteria that the controlled media in Australia has whipped up over the patriot group United Patriots Front and its leader Blair Cottrell. Together with the government they have run a campaign to demonize these loyal Whites as being the worst possible thing that could happen to society. Meanwhile, there'll be no comment about these African city wreckers. And you know why, goyim!