Saturday, March 19, 2016


This is what is a 'safe school' will look like. Safe for reds and queers only
The trashing of Senator Cory Bernadi’s office yesterday by spoiled brats overdosing on Marxist indoctrination has received understandable comment from many on the so-called political right.

There are indeed grounds for mention, and the most significant observation should regard the inactivity of police while these Clearasil Revolutionaries were running amok like cranked-up Ewoks. Because it goes without saying that if it was Australia First Party members tearing apart the office of a political opponent, Tomahawk missiles would be approved for launch.

Just why is it that we seem to have THE most cucked police force in every state and territory of this big SBS reality drama we call Australia?

In Queensland police are excellent at arresting anybody that even offers the suggestion of being a biker, but otherwise they might as well just save on salaries and post cut-out cardboard figures in place of actual officers for all the good they do.

Of course, if business was threatened, that might be another thing, and that’s what we keep forgetting in all of our political contretemps. Business is all that matters and the mercantile class are the only ones with rights. Consumers have only the right to consume.

But in all the eagerness to censure these undergraduate vandals, folks are overlooking what a brilliant thing it was. Nothing condemns these Social Justice Bandits quite like letting them demonstrate that all their lack of tolerance comes supposedly in the name of that self-same tolerance.

Yes, it was a beautiful display, and the non-responsiveness on the part of the police was lovely too. The entire crippled mentality of the west was on display in that one small incident — a microcosmic play dramatizing all that is wrong with our western world. Back in the days of the 1960s and 70s’ student protests these oily brats would have copped a hardwood baton between the eyes. Their foppish heads would’ve been bashed against a paddy wagon and they would have collapsed crying from all the CS spray stinging their eyes. Nowadays, it’s as if their ‘protest’ is a hallowed religious expression. They are like pilgrims off to Mecca and the authorities are loath to interfere with their passage.

Moreover, Bernadi has called for protesters to be charged, but the depth of his outrage is highly questionable. Is he secretly pleased about this display since it gains him sympathy? The irony is of course delicious, given his opposition to the curiously titled ‘Safe Schools Program’, the students themselves show just how safe they are. Hell, a federal senator’s own office is not even safe from those advocating for safety in schools. Mind you, they are REALLY, as we know, advocating for children to be safely turned into queers without nasty right wingers bashing the pedos who are corrupting them.

Yet, the main problem with the commentaries on that incident was the tendency to make a hero out of Bernadi, who is a civic patriot. They forget that Bernadi is a Tory; an admirer of both Margaret Thatcher and Bob Menzies. Look deeply into him and you will find another John Howard. He IS a Zionist. Expressing solidarity will only validate him in the eyes of one’s own supporters. Unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool conservative of the Liberal ilk, you are guilty of betraying your own principles and weakening your own cause if you tick the approval for your supporters to like him.
He is a cuckservative and the trashing of his office was cuckservative theatre at its best. The opposite of cuckservative would be what would happen if those kids tried doing that to Mick Gatto’s office.

Cory Bernadi once worked in a bottle shop

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