Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Be very afraid. Nup, scratch that, just be VERY gullible!
Antifa Neil Erikson has been hard at work in his new job as a Zionist propagandist. He has been pumping out bumf about “Nazis” and how dangerous they are.

Few of our readers would know, since nobody pays attention to Neil anymore. We only learned of it because our advice was sought on a video uploaded to a reader’s page by the New Australian Defence League: a division of Antifa who are dumb enough to believe anybody gives a shit about their cancerous pro-White Genocide doctrine.

The typical action of this Facebook group is to travel around FB finding nationalist and patriot pages and posting propaganda that is immediately deleted. In other words, they insist on inflicting their unwanted Marxist worldview on those least likely to be enthralled by its perverted incandescence.

The video was created by Antifa Neil and we are now going to “unpack” it, as liberal students love to say. Titled ‘Don’t be a Nazi kids’ the message is pathologically simple (like its creator): Nazis are bad, patriots are good. But what the fuck does that even MEAN?

It means that Antifa Neil is a Zionist tool, but we are less interested in that washed-up has-been traitor and keener to address this ‘tactic’ which is used by both Antifa and lately the conservative right and their ‘patriot’ offspring.

The fact is, those who consider themselves “Nazis” are a tiny fringe so small and disconnected that their relevance is only in the parlance of story-telling.

Nationalist groups have traditionally been wary whenever a hobnail-booted skinhead comes clomping along with a swastika armband preaching the murder of “inferior races”. We have learned from history that these jokers are invariably provocateurs, and not more than once have been exposed as being created by Jews to further the perception that anti-Semitism is at plague proportions. This typically justifies a Zionist response, which means that ‘Nazis’ are the best friends that Zionists can have. The case of Melbourne Zionist Abraham Cykiert regularly meeting with Cass Young, the head of the Australian Nazi Party in the 1970s, is worth bearing in mind. More recently, the actions of Liberal-party creation Squadron 88 must be considered.
We are in a period of intense Jewish shilling. Europe is in the throes of a Biblical cleansing of White Europeans, generated by the desires of the state of Israel, manipulated through its big beast puppet the USA. If ever there was a time to expose a Zionist, it is now. And this is why the labelling of those opposing the cultural and ethnic cleansing by the neoliberal globalist cabal is being slandered with the “Nazi” tag.

Anyone speaking out against government policies that are expunging the population through diabolically engineered migration is “Nazi”. All the attendant imagery of flags and uniforms, gas chambers and crematoriums is instantly invoked. It is propaganda that seems to work especially well on so-called patriots, who have become defined separately from nationalists for the very reason that they’re too afraid to address the central question of what is causing their anxieties for fear of being labelled “Nazis”.

The UPF are currently fizzling out like a wet fart thanks to this elementary propaganda. The mighty Blair Cottrell has been cucked like a henpecked nerd by this kindergarten tactic. He is currently allied with the very people responsible for fucking what those one-year wonders presumptuously referred to as “the movement”; and all because the accusation of being a ‘Nazi’ has the same effect on him as kryptonite has on Superman. Thus, the United Patriots Front might as well be called the United Zionist Front, but who cares.

They always were too green to get over the number of Facebook likes they misinterpreted as a groundswell of national support for their bedroom political party.

Yet, when you think that what “might have been” could have been if only dicks like Nick Folkes and Ralph Cerminara and the rest of the shitheads were dispatched with a well-informed advisory note on the use of the “N” charge it seems a shame.

Blair once dismissed Australia’s longest serving nationalist, Dr Jim Saleam, as having “done nothing”. The big booby had failed to grasp that simply by surviving and keeping his party alive despite the onslaught of controlled agents; the Special Branch; the Jews; the nutbags; the collaborators; the informants; the Zionists and Nick Folkes he has earned a lifetime achievements award from the nationalists of Australia.

Hey, Antifa Neil, whatch'ya doin?



Anonymous said...

UPF? Pffft. I have said since day one that they would fizzle out. "Grass Roots" resistance is doomed to failure, there are NO examples of it having ever succeeded.
Unless they are planning an organized and armed resistance then I seriously question any Nationalist's involvement with this group.
As for "Hollywood Nazi's' and Skinheads? Well there is a reason neither has made an impact on the state of things, and that is: "Rebelliousness has no place in resistance".

Anonymous said...

Oh just fucking great! More division within our ranks! Upf, patriots, nationalists! WTF is going on guys, this is bullshit! No wonder we can't get what we want cause there are to many ego's! Look past your own bloody noses! We are fighting the same fucking enemy! Whites fighting whites, again! The non-whites are just laughing at us fighting over them! This is what they want, whilst we are fighting amongst ourselves they are screwing us over and the jew is laughing with glee! Unify or roll over, it's that simple! Fight or fuck off!

Whitelaw Towers said...

The great mistake you make is in the notion that "we" are "fighting the same (fucking) enemy". This is the point -- we are not. So-called patriots will not fight the core enemy because it might make them unpopular, hence there is no division, since there was no unity. There cannot be unity when one group is actually controlled, or at the very least, influenced by that enemy.

Anonymous said...

Who or what is the core enemy and how do we fight it?