Monday, March 07, 2016


Nick Folkes was a White nationalist ALL ALONG!

Nick Folkes is making a last mad dash to appropriate ‘nationalism’ for his Zio/Liberal controllers.

Today Whitelaw Towers discovered that the race-mixing movement-wrecker has somehow gotten the unsuspecting White Genocide Project to post details of a rally (that will require SERIOUS disruption) he has advertised opposing ‘White Genocide’.

It makes your blood boil, but the Jews invented the word chutzpah, so it’s little surprise that they’re full of it.

Nick is up to his greasy nutsack in non-White slops every night of the week, and as much as we disdain of bringing families into this quarrel of ours, the point must be made that he has contributed to White Genocide by defiling his own gene pool (which wasn’t that healthy to begin with). Folkes’ number two is Jewish, he was closely aligned with state agents Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson through Howard Crawford, and now they’re attempting a final play whereby Party for Freedom – with its considerable Zionist composition — poses as nationalist. Oh, and his sleazy non-White mate George Jameson who flies the Israeli flag proudly at most anti-Islam events, is grubbing his Semitic way into UPF circles through super-spastic fuck-knuckle Dan Evans.

We can only hope the UPF starts reading our commentaries or gets wise because we’re not giving it great odds of survival with the choices of company they keep.

His head is wrapped in bog roll because it is so full of shit
As we know, Nick Folkes has spent a good amount of time trying to break down the unshakeable principles of nationalism to suit a pro-Israel anti-Islam agenda. He has done so with the assistance of corrupt Liberal party dirty-ops operative and alpha-chicken poultry farm owner, Howard Crawford — particularly in their targeting of Australia First Party and its leader, Dr Jim Saleam with their weak-as-nuns-piss ‘bunker exposed video.
Yes, this is the anti 'White Genocide' PFF rank and file

This week, WLT learned the answer to a question that has plagued a lot of nationalists for a long while — how it is that PFF can afford all those glossy placards, signs, and assorted printed materials. The Liberal party — stupid!

Yes, and this comes from INSIDE the Liberal party, or the Young Liberals to be exact. The moneybags responsible is linked to the Sydney Traditionalists, which presupposes that brownnosing Israeli is a Sydney tradition. Also, there was a bounty of intelligence turned out recently from those same quarters involving Howard Crawford, but we’re saving Howie for a special next episode of The Last Supper. Currently, our legal boffins are running over what appears to amount to a criminal conspiracy being suggested by the chicken man.

One thing is for sure — Nick cannot get away with this! It was not that long ago that WLT issued an ultimatum to Judas brothers Neil and Shermon for thieving the nationalist Generation Identity kit. Neil was so irrecoverably butt-hurt over being rejected by the nationalist movement that the rest is history.
The brains behind the brainless -- Nick's liberal party handler, Howard Crawford
But just because we expose these Zog/Liberal moles does not mean that they are simply going away. Nick is clearly circling the wagons here, and it is incumbent on ALL NATIONALISTS to rout him for good and all, along with the walking puke bucket Howard Crawford.

Their mission is to disrupt all opposition to the global world order — a seedy job requiring sleazy men lacking both conscience and soul.

This isn’t playtime, people, it’s for real. White Europeans are being assailed the world over: Europe is being overrun with Arabs, Africans and Pakistanis and the minutiae of evidence regarding their intentions are everywhere on our timelines in an infuriating tickertape of stories regarding racial replacement through ‘rapeugees’. It is being driven by billionaires such as George Soros, the anti-White Jew, and International Jewry’s pleasure over this is palpable.

The strategy of Folkes and Crawford is to confuse the line between nationalism and ziopatriotism. If you find yourself shaking your head, but saying nothing, posting nothing, or doing nothing to alert nationalists to what this pond scum is up to then you are handing them victory on a plate.

They need smashing — TOTALLY!

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Anonymous said...

His handlers would of told him to get right back up the horse and just act as if nothing had happened, but its too late for that now! Nicky boy, you're time is over, we all know who and what you are now!