Thursday, March 24, 2016


We've all been there, but some never leave
Comrades, nationalists, patriots, flamers and trolls it is time for us to lose the madness of internet addiction and do something much healthier like shoot-up heroin.

More mental wrecks are crawling out from these social network instigated dramas and wars than there are registered junkies on methadone. All in all, it would seem that scag is a much safer addiction than Facebook.

To be sure, we at WLT have sat gravely watching the stream of burn-outs pass by on the monitors of our laptops and interfaces of our android phones. We have observed otherwise lucid human beings reduced to babbling hysterics all because they forgot about the real world and invested their energy in Facebook.

Ideally, Facebook should come with a health warning; spend too long on it embroiled in flame wars against ideological opponents and you will end up twitching like a rapist convinced that your every movement is being monitored.
Antifa Neil Erikson is a fine example of a once comparatively normal person whose entire personality changed after prolonged exposure to Facebook. Before long he had passed from sharing useful information with trusted friends to honestly believing that all those he encountered on the social networking site are indeed extra-terrestrials. It's no joke. Neil was convinced that aliens anally probed him with a length of spaghetti after abducting him while he was messaging someone.
He still recalls that encounter with fear and refuses to sleep because he is terrified the aliens will come back for him. This is why we at WLT took no offence at half the trash he wrote about us. We knew that in Neil’s scrambled mind his calumnies were in fact a secret code that he was deluded into thinking the aliens could not decipher. For instance, “Whitelaw Towers are Nazis” actually meant “My bottom itches terribly after the last anal-probing and now I have the hots for Fox Mulder”.
Neil is not alone... he has multiple personalities to keep him company
Yes, it’s both tragic and alarming what Facebook will do to people. In fact, it’s embarrassing watching supposedly mature adults cat-fighting like teenagers in a popularity contest — threatening each other with legal suits and AVOs over piffling slights in the comments of some irrelevant post somebody made on a dingbat FB group.

There are actually people that assume multiple identities; who waste their time creating bogus email accounts so that they can register with Facebook and attack otherwise anonymous arseholes because something they posted triggered them. These are called “sock puppets” and they use them to try and reinforce their real profile with the illusion of moral support, or to attack somebody who burned them; giving the false impression that there are more people who hold a particular point of view than the object of their enmity.

One day WLT will happily share all it knows with an entire conference of Viennese psychiatrists studying the phenomena, but right now we’re just shaking our heads at the farce we see playing out before our weary eyes.

And heed our counsel! This is what comes of forgetting that Facebook is simply a tool of connectivity for nationalists and patriots — it is not, of itself, the political or ideological landscape. It seems such an elementary thing, but too many folks are now hooked on their own self-righteousness and hubris.

Facebook psychosis is very real and the symptoms easily spotted. If you are online more hours than you are active on your feet; if the first thing you do upon waking is to roll over and check what's happening on FB; if you find yourself compulsively checking out a particular page in case your name is mentioned; if you become 'suspicious' about the allegiances of friends on your profile; if you begin taking screen shots of other people’s posts and filing them away; if you create sock puppets and follow others around FB harassing them beyond all reasonable measure; if you start in-boxing them with creepy private messages; these are all the primary stages of Facebook madness. Thereafter, the contretemps move from Facebook, into real life.

When you go so far as to find out the personal details of another FB user and start ringing up their home, or workplace; if you contact known associates of other FB users and spew forth scurrilous lies; if you make plans to spray paint stripper on somebody’s car you have crossed over into total Facebook psychosis.

We here at WLT cannot stand to see this pathetic thing happen. We ask youse one and all to defeat this hideous Zuckerberg-related illness and rise without Facebook.

It’s time.
Rise without Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Facebook=propping up the weak, suppressing the strong.
Giving a voice to those that shouldn't have one.
And shutting down those who speak truth.
A septic wasteland for the ego/psychic aggregates to spread their poison.
I will not use it.

Anonymous said...

Never used it, don't want it! Up yours facebook!!!!

Bushranger said...

Never been on crapbook but I was recently on Twitter. I got banned after about three months, best thing that happened to me. Spent far too much time looking at tweets, lol.

Anonymous said...

This is very timely for me, owing to having just received a 30 day "ban" on Facebook.