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What a year so far. No doubt many of us would rather forget the first few months. In fact, much of what we have seen would fit nicely into any daytime soap opera. Sadly, as unrealistic as it was, it has managed to distract many of us.
Looking back I can only guarantee one thing: we are in this thing for the long haul. We at WLT plan on being around in one form or another for as long as it takes.

There is two massive bonuses that come with  hindsight and a well-documented history on this blog. You can go back at your own leisure and witness  the Australian Nationalist history of betrayal, deceit and power struggles, by acquainting yourself with our archives.

The cherry on the cake simply has to be the sting operation carried out on the kosher right (Howard Crawford). For all those doubting Thomases out there, there can be no doubt anymore about the involvement of hostile forces penetrating our movement to turn its guts inside out. To sum it up, Australian nationalists in the past ten years have been under a constant attack from a truly evil cabal. Between the State, the kosher right, ant-racist/anarchist and of course the Muppets from Antifa, it has always been a case of one hand washing the other. The standard operational procedure of maligning, confusing, infiltrating and propping up useful idiots has done them well to a point.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the assistance of a very compliant state-funded and controlled media. Yet, social media also carries its own troublesome double edge sword, but may well be our savior.
A long-term strategy to become our own media with the use of blogs and forums is now being realised in the migration to Facebook and Twitter. This is a massive thorn in the side to those who wish to do us harm us and control our information. As yet, we still have the freedom of expression, and as our own publishers we can control our message.

Let's look back and see what we have achieved and how a tight group of individuals have tirelessly been the canary in the coalmine for the movement. Put all events leading up to today in context and you will understand the wider implications.

Going way back to when we first encountered Australia’s first NGO anti-racism gang Fight Dem Back in 2004 we saw the yet to be named Antifa start its rise along with well-placed traitors; all very timely a union. Although now a distant memory, many of the players from that period still persist in white-anting us via their media and state connections.  Yes, this was the original lie factory that infiltrated popular WN forums of the time, and the beginning of targeting certain types of people as a tactic. Certain people were considered useful for character defects that could be exploited and used against the movement. 

Back then the left was too afraid to directly confront us. So instead they spearheaded the tactics of blackmail and backroom plots with the weak and ego-driven fly-by-night nationalists. With these puppets they wrought damage to areas they would never had gained admittance. Their exploits are well-documented on this blog. For instance, back in 2004-2006 the right was steadily rising. Meetings were planned openly on forums such as WPCA and Stromfront. The first of these started back in 03-04 and were hosted by the WPCA in Sydney. These well-attended public meetings inspired the growth of the Queensland WPCA that also generated regular meetings all over South East QLD and Brisbane.

This idea first used at the WPCA forum was soon promoted by WPCA members on another popular forum, Stormfront down under. Again, this showed that nationalists were capable of working together. This was our first taste of unity and a useful experience at seeing the effect of both the benefit and pitfall of social media. Sadly, such open meetings rocketed noted turncoats to infamy, and the lack of screening  had us all lowering our guard. This allowed for the growth of double agents and useful idiots. 
The Cultural Marxists, spying an opportunity to take advantage of  this, didn't have to look hard for marks. These gibronis stood out like clown shoes.  The antifascists' job was made easier by the myriad sock puppet accounts they were using on our forums. Many members of Fight Dem Back were established posters. Posting under different usernames to first infiltrate and discredit was just the first stage. If there was a militant element, or an extreme hard line poster, most of the time it was either one of them or the Hollywood Nazis. This tactic created a framework for building the next stage; media and exposure.
Entrapment was their preferred method. They built rapport with unsuspecting WNs and skinheads via bogus accounts in order to manipulate them down the track. There was many of these naïve WN kids, so hunting was good. Thereafter, the Marxist ghouls picked off the weak and inexperienced like duck shooters. It was sickening, and it is even worse now knowing that one of the main players during that time has recently been charged with possession of child porn.

All along, WLT had been watching. When we were approached by a couple of young skinheads who had been set up by Fight Dem back and threatened with the CFMEU, we could not sit by and say nothing.

This was the start of a five-year battle with Mathew Henderson, Dr Rob Sparrow (AKA Slackbastard), Cam Smith and their colleagues from Fight Dem back. It was a battle we saw through until its end. Sadly, breaking this group only dispersed these people into an even wider group, with even more crossover with the state and its media. 
So what was the formula for killing the off? Firstly, we killed off the enemy within by identifying the moles. Yet, the deeper we looked, the worse it got: we found evidence that our own people were working with the enemy.
At this time there was a massive shift towards cleaning out those of the old guard who made us look like idiots. We all made mistakes and said things back in the day out of naiveté of White Nationalism and even National Socialism. But back in 04-06, it was the old guard, the fuehrers of the 80s and 90s, and who danced with the media, which had to go. The cosplaying KKK were rolled out by the media whenever One Nation started to gain ground. It was always the same person, time and time again; the lone nutcase who was sure to screw everything for the reward of a few hundred dollars from A Current Affair. This person was always contacting the MSM and selling his stories. This was our first inkling of the involvement of state intelligence.

The battle with this KKK fraudster (the only known member of a non-existent group) started on Stormfront Down under. Some of the leading voices against this state-plant gained their credibility by helping push this darling of the Australian media out of the way. Stormfront and the WPCA forum took a hard line against those like the informer and KKK game-player, David Palmer. His jolly green jumpsuit was seen for what it was. He was starved of all useful information and left out in the cold. This was a great time for White Nationalist Australia, as it attempted to deal only with legit groups, and isolate the state weevils.  

But sadly, it didn't stop there. The people who instigated this flush of the system, those who worked for the greater good, soon found themselves on the chopping block. They were joined by other legit nationalist groups. The success of the operation had now turned to anyone who had ever belonged to a skinhead group, or had hard line nationalists beliefs. Anyone who dared speak openly about Zionism and Israel's crimes were now deemed a "Nutzi". It mattered not if they had earned respect and worked tirelessly for the nation and its people, they were now seen as damaged goods by these new unknown nationalists like David Innes from Perth  and Darrin Hodges from Sydney.

This was the start of the downfall of nationalism in Australia -- the first crossover and examples of  information exchanges between senior members and Moderators from SFDU and the left -- and the attempted takeover of nationalism by Zionist front-groups and their puppets. Yes, it started way before Antifa Neil Erikson. Using hearsay and propaganda that was concocted by the left in the previous three years, these traitors saw their opportunity. Fraudulent media articles sourced from Dr Rob Sparrow and Cam Smith were promoted on SFDU. They even joined the then Fight Dem Back forum, and happily played in the same muck pit together; slandering over twenty nationalists. Using his position as moderator on SFDU, preventing any form of rebuttal, he had all of them banned.   

This example was the first cyber/social media attack taken out by a well-placed agent. Looking back, we now see that the young Neil Erikson, who was a member of the Australian New Nation Forum at the time ,was watching very closely; all be it from the open section of the forum called "the urinal", that was reserved for troublemakers and tards. 

David Innes then

Neil Erikson now, birds of a feather (and a seriously goofy haircut)
Since our last article back in 09 concerning Neil's mentor and sexual role-model David Innes, this traitor went onto blackmailing SFDU. He was at the time the only person we're aware of  hell banned at his request. Every post ever written by himself and his then wife was subsequently removed from the forum; an unprecedented move at the time. Over four years worth of ranting was removed. Over four years of him collaborating with a host of traitors and Antifa. A few of his traitorous friends even re-joined back in January last year at SFDU, causing a massive exodus in the following months, and leaving SFDU a ghost town. "Surrender tainted territory" appears to be the only weapon that works in stopping the destruction of real Nationalism in 2016, which is why we must give them no part of the battlefield to spread their lies.   
Ask the Leyland Brothers about who stole their camper
In our next episode we will delve into the agents that aligned themselves with Antifa and David Innes during this period. How his troll army then created yet another a forum to attack from, using the same methods. The cold war between Nationalist and Zionist stooges has simply taken another turn this year. Strangely enough, many of the same people are still pulling the strings.

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This Mark Collins cunt with one of the unions who organises against UPF and Reclaim in Brisbane and posts regularly on Slackbastard, someone needs to do a full expose on this piece of filth.