Monday, April 18, 2016


We tried to find a pic of Mayor Fyffe in which he doesn't look barking mad, but we couldn't

It seems that Bendigo council is very concerned about free speech making it look bad. The other day Mayor Fyffe sent a letter to the Bendigo Advertiser, which is the most cucked regional newspaper in Australia. In it, he outlined his angst about social media and how folks are using it to make his council look like the communist regime they are. This link takes you to the actual letter, which is actually funnier yet more censorious in tone than the one we knocked out by way of reply (and which we shared with a friend or two on social media, but hey!). Yes, our intrepid team of propagandists and legal moonshiners didn’t feel the mayor quite expressed himself as freely as he should. So we did it for him. This is how his letter SHOULD have read. We added his name to it to give it an authentic feel.

Dear Editor and fellow Islamo-Marxist,
I write in support of your editorial “Unsociable media a real threat to decency”, (Bendigo Advertiser, April 15).
Greater Bendigo City Council is sick and tired of the punks who call themselves “Australian citizens” using social media to try and make us look bad.
Unfortunately, many people will argue that by telling the truth in such a fashion as to portray us in a negative light they are exercising “freedom of speech”. But we here at Bendigo City Council are of the belief that not everyone should be entitled to free speech, and that social media is damaging the progress we have been making towards silencing those who would use free speech to attempt to limit our social agenda.
We believe that we know best, and through the constant ridicule by some with a political interest in mocking us we are being undermined and obstructed from turning Bendigo into a city that can lead as an example to the rest of Australia; especially when it comes to pulling down the old White Australian edifice and putting up something much more Aussie like the world’s biggest mosques and stuff.
This whole “freedom of speech” thing is getting very old, and people are using the anonymity of social media to say things they wouldn’t have the guts to say to our face if they were free to come down to the Town Hall in person! But we took care to make sure that couldn’t happen with new regulations preventing anyone except the mailman and our drug dealers from entering the building. Social media needs to follow our example.
Free speech was never intended for those who are not elected representatives of the people on full benefits with free council parking! These grubs do not realise that the people cannot be trusted to make decisions and have to be told what to do by us.
When people use social media to criticise us we get so mad we want to shut down the water supply to half the city and switch off the power grid long enough for them to learn a harsh lesson about civic obedience.
The value we, as a council, leaders and rebuilders of a new Australia place on free speech is directly in proportion to those who are actually making the speech. In other words, we should be as free as we like to say what we want, but nobody else.
I encourage people who read social media to petition the federal government to pass laws that will limit anybody posting hurtful stuff about the Bendigo Council, or who use social media to foment discontent against us, to be shanghaied in the middle of the night and dragged down into the cells for a good kicking. We would call for you to expose and dob in those who administer social media pages that are critical of us.
If need be you should also find out where they live and annoy them by ordering pizza deliveries in their name and sending prostitutes round to their houses. Make fake noise complaints that the council will follow up.
The day is coming when this scum will eat boot, and the name on that boot will be Bendigo City Council. The only way to get rid of this White supremacist Nazi scum is by building camps and shoving the whole sweaty lot into gas chambers. And they better get used to our mosques. They can either convert to Islam or move to another country. We plan to become the mosque capital of the entire Islamic world.
This has been your leader! Praise Allah!
Mayor Rod Fyffe, Great Bendigo City Council
The Bendigo Mayor will shake hands with anyone as long as they're not Australian

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