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A very oily Howard sweats upon the arrival of his umpteenth glass of locally brewed Thai moonshine
Former state council Liberal rep Howard Crawford has taken to Slackbastard to embarrass himself in front of as wide an audience as possible.

In clear evidence that alcoholism has finally pickled his olive-sized brain, the puppeteer behind Zio buffoon Nick Folkes and his Party For Freedom joined the comments on a post about squatters on Slackbastard’s Facebook page. Attempting to ingratiate himself with its radical anarchist host, who is supposedly his ideological counterpart, Crawford unleashed a string of inebriated ad hominems on the Australia First Party. Odd for a man who organised Squadron 88 and, we are informed by an S88 insider, also had a hand in the distribution of their anti-Semitic flyers, which were letterboxed in the very electorate belonging to the boss of his party.

Howard sucks up to Slackbastard

Slackbastard observes the wisdom in not interrupting your enemy while he's making a dick of himself
Slackbastard, who was exposed by Whitelaw Towers as Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University, has not attempted to censor or remove the comments, which reflect a pathological personality and a man who has parted ways with his own dignity; if indeed he ever had any. Crawford openly admits to campaigning against Australian nationalists, making everyone within his sphere of influence, such as the United Patriots Front, who joined with Nick Folkes at a recent “White Genocide” rally, tarnished by association.

Howard features in our joint WLT-Australia First ‘Last Supper’ series (soon to be updated) courtesy of ace Facebook troll Michael Allen. Pretending to be a Socialist Alliance opponent of Dr Jim Saleam and Australia First Party member Vic Waterson, Allen lured Crawford to a dinner meeting where a sting operation awaited. Drunk and arrogant, Crawford went on to boast his involvement in major scandals that rocked the patriot scene. In an upcoming segment he also infers a conspiracy to commit criminal damage against his despised political rival, who has lately become a creepy obsession.   
Ooh, isn't he slimy? Crawford smokes a chicken bone at a Windsor Thai eatery
Unbeknown to the sweaty chicken farmer disrespectfully referred to as “Foghorn Leghorn” by nationalists, Allen was adorned with an ingenious surveillance device that was filming and recording Howard, who was slinging back gin with beers and boasting of his exploits like a soused gamecock.

The videos have since become Aussie Nationalist history and we understand our blogs on the deranged chook frightener are favoured reading among the decidedly more sober up-and-comers of the Young Liberals.

Crawford had long been known to Australia First Party as a backroom manipulator using a Liberal party slush fund to influence the fortunes of so-called patriots and their micro-groups. In one of the videos in the Last Supper series he vows to “go after” Blair Cottrell of the UPF, who is now associated with his fool Nick Folkes via Christian dingbat Chris Shortis; an association endorsed by Cottrell.

In the same series Crawford spoke of bailing out Nick Folkes from legal costs incurred by a court case instigated by Arab supremacist Jamal Rifi after his failed attempt to start a riot in Cronulla. Grubby revelation followed grubby revelation over the course of the audio/visuals which are now a matter of permanent record on Whitelaw Towers. He even refers to foreign arms deals and a mysterious source of income that leaves him outside of the usual needs and wants of those forced to graft for a living; probably making his iffy-sounding tax status a necessary matter of scrutiny for the government bean counters.

Now it appears our commentaries have finally broken his brain, or else Howie is feeling so under siege he needs Slackbastard as an ally. Discarded by the Liberals, most likely shunned by his former dupes, the odious toad has little left to him but moonshine gin and symptoms akin to syphilis. We understand even his protégés in the infamous Hollywood Nazi set Squadron 88 have stopped referring to him as their fuhrer. In his comments he tries to make out it was all part of his master plan; that there is more in store; that everyone is drunk and stupid and coming unthreaded like a pair of hobo socks except for him. Nearly all his comments read 'edited' but are still grammatically impoverished and ill communicative. But this is the bravado of the moonshine, and the shrill bite of defeat, which in moments of painful lucidity he concedes before downing more homebrew and arcing up defiantly in front of his gobbling attack chickens.

However, we are unsure of whether Crawford continues to exert an influence over super-rat Antifa Neil Erikson, but given the weakness of what passes for Neil’s mind, as well as the lack of friends left to him, it’s possible that the two remain on close social media chat terms along with Shermon “the germ” and Likud Nick Folkes.

There is, it must be stressed, a serious side to the unravelling of the once proud Liberal shit stirrer and that is the omnipresent dangers of alcohol. Much of the infantile behaviour of his pet monkey Nick Folkes is attributable to the demon grog, and it’s plain to see what has become of Crawford after draining what are probably the contents of several distilleries over his wretched lifetime.

If you are experiencing an addiction to the dreaded sauce we highly recommend you seek help at your nearest available counselling service, or failing that, try to moderate your alcohol intake lest you become one of the “don’t let it happen to you” crowd like Foghorn and Nick the dick.

Before we go, though, the question must be asked of the bumpkins of the United Patriots Front who shunned association with nationalists in favour of the very goofballs that Howard is responsible for. In our best Dirty Harry we request they ask themselves the following: “do WE feel lucky?”

Well, do you, punks?

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