Friday, May 13, 2016


The Great Aussie Antifascist himself
Antifa have validated as two of their own Shard-boy Shermon Burgess and Antifa Neil Erikson, the two state stooges who turned on the patriot movement they would have everyone believe they created.

Posting on their semi-illiterate Facebook page, the mucky union-funded druggies who want all Whites replaced by third world immigrants gave a shout-out to these two social media pariahs.
Antifa rewrite Toni Basil's 80s' hit Mickey with the lyrics: 'Oh Shermon you're so fine, you're so fine you blow our mind, hey Shermon! Hey Shermon!"
Reposting the potentially libellous video rushed out by Sherm and showcased by his bi-polar BFF regarding the arrest of three alleged Aryan Nations members in Perth, they helped perpetuate possible contempt of court proceedings by pronouncing the trio guilty in advance of due legal process.

But they also proved everything we have been saying about the link between the state, Antifa, and traitors in the so-called patriot movement.

Both Neil the Knucklehead and Sherm the Worm now join the slum-dwelling ranks of the politically and ideologically disordered known as Antifa. WLT this week published on our Facebook page a video from the Maritime Union of Australia with an as-yet-to-be-identified union official addressing a demonstration by maritime workers outside of Malcolm Turnbull’s office.

What were they protesting? Why, Australian maritime workers being replaced by foreigners. Which makes it especially incongruous that one of the officials is blatantly wearing an Antifascist Action T-shirt.
A screengrab of the video of the knucky union organiser who is speaking out against foreign workers taking Aussie jobs while wearing an Antifa T-shirt made in a Bangladeshi prison camp
Yep, that’s right, a Gumby in a sweatshop-manufactured Antifa T-shirt is criticising a system that takes jobs from Australians and gives them to non-Australians. This is a bit like a tobacco executive picketing a tobacconist’s. This prick spends half his time tossing bricks at old ladies from Reclaim Australia because he WANTS the country overrun with immigrants, but as soon as HIS job is threatened by them, ho ho ho.
But nobody said that the sacred principles of logic bore any sort of kinship with the requirements for membership into Antifa — hence why they’ve made Neil and Sherm honorary members. Take a look at these latest uploads on their criminally libellous and cowardly Antifascist blog, which is written by someone on Xanax who can’t quite get a paint brush out of their nose.

According to Antifa THIS gallery of non-Whites are “fascists”. Take a look. You bet. If you look closely at the third-grade composition of words you might even find Jews qualify as Nazis in their masked eyes.

We are NOT going to name them, and we’re sorry we have to reprint them, but the point must be made. And let’s say they are ALL members of Rise Up Australia, which is so kosher you could serve it up in Jerusalem.
A deadest Aryan supremacist who wants to kill all non-Whites for the fatherland
This guy full-on hates non-Whites
The ultimate White Supremacist who wants a Fourth Reich
Antifa considers this woman the next Eva Braun

They call her the Bitch of Buchenwald


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karen liddel said...

Yep we have to find out who that walking oxymoron is in the Antifa shirt and expose him to those of importance... cake and eat it is not going to happen with knuckleheads like these...