Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This will no doubt bring joy to a few, maybe thousands? The staff at WLT will all go their separate ways as of today. Fear not gentle reader its not the end and certainly is just a start.

The original page, The Victor Whitelaw Project. Very crude and looking back some of the worse formatting known to mankind.
As many of our faithful readers will recall, this is not the first time there has been a change of guard in the cyber world or a rearranging of the deck chairs.

What started out as a voice for the victims of Marxist slander squads, WLT soon adapted to the needs of Nationalist and Nationalism here at home and in New Zealand. What originated as a voice for the few, soon became the voice for many White Nationalist, National Socialist, political and non political groups in the Southern Hemisphere. 

So here we are ten years on. Our victories far outweigh our failures. In ten years we ushered out the door not only the key figures from the then Antifa, but some of most damaging and toxic turncoats in Australian Nationalists history. Our message then and now has always been, Nationalism belongs to the White Nationalists of this country, treat the disease not the symptoms, close ranks and speak with one voice. Carry yourself with honour and pride.

After ten years it has been decided a new tactic will need to be employed. Since the rise of the patriots in early 2015, Nationalism has once again found itself in the thick of it with its traditional enemy the state-based Kosher conservatives and Antifa, who're effectively one and the same. With the rise of the patriot groups, the Kosher squad once again found a foothold; now investing all into the Australian Liberty Alliance. Rolling out their trolls back in 2015, firstly on SFDU and then onto Facebook. People and groups who had long been sent back into the hell-hole they spawned from eagerly clutched at the patriots to lift themselves back onto the scene. Once they got rolling they set about evening old scores with the Nationalists who banished them. Nearly seven years of hard work was washed away in less than six months. Again, the focus was on the symptom, not the cause. The lies and slander since then has been virtually unstoppable. 
As a rule the contributors to WLT  are people of honour. They hold true to the 14 words and follow the teachings of many past and present Nationalists, Fascists, and Traditionalists. We are a good mix. But what we have witnessed in the past 18 months is beyond our repair alone and the tactics being employed are certainly beneath us. We know what must be done, but for us we refuse to lower ourselves and bring dishonor to ourselves by becoming like our enemy. So now is the time to let others fight that fight. People with such fire and hatred that total war on any level must be taken to the enemy. People willing to adopt the same tactics of the enemy to send them all back into hell they rose from. You simply don't send soldiers trained in jungle warfare into a cold climate. You must adapt and retrain. For us who are unwilling to change or who would simply not take to the training, its time to move out of the way. 

The sickness that currently prevails in the numerous groups claiming to be patriots on Social Media is breathtaking. The hypocritical nature that once was the domain of the left has carried onto our own countrymen and women. It is near impossible to tell the difference between antifa and many of these self-proclaimed leaders of the patriot masses. On the other hand, there is good respectable people who also are under constant attack from antifa and Kosher conservationists. Sadly, these people are simply reinventing the wheel of Nationalism. They struggle at times to learn from the past. The book is still being written on this so we will hold our judgement for now.

So, this my friends is what you must do if you are truly a Nationalist. First realise there is only one political flagship you should support. Like it or hate it, it is Australia First. Read the policy of a real Nationalist party. It is not perfect, but compared to any mainstream or minor conservative party, you will agree they best represent you and our beliefs. Support only Nationalist groups who are part of the upcoming Nationalist coalition. These groups will be proven to be 100% Nationalist and troll free. If you are not a part of the coalition then you are simply sent to destroy and disrupt.  A policy of Policing our own ranks will be an effective method of stopping state-sanctioned frauds and their gullible followers.

Now there will be a shifting of the cyberguard to another quality Australian Nationalist blog and Facebook. Over the next few days the official Whitelaw Towers/Anti Antifa page will be merged into an already existing page. A fresh crop of new recruits with fire in their hearts will take the field.

Fear not, many of us here will move onto other projects as many have already. These projects will not include having to deal with slander and lies on a daily basis. They will not include getting wrapped up in the stunts and ridiculous behavior of clearly insane people. We shall move onto a more forward thinking program and get back into the lines with our comrades on the street.   

We would like to thank personally you our readers. Thank you for the support you have given and kindness shown to us when ever we have traveled interstate. We would like to thank the people who have written for this blog many times over the years. You people have been the backbone of Australian Nationalism since 2005 and its always an honour to work with you. You have all suffered greatly for what you believe, your sacrifice and untold story of this struggle will never be known publicly. You are the true heroes, you don't crave fame or Facebook likes. You simply crave for a future of our people and a place to truly call home. Thank you friends, and we will see you all on the front lines! 

The Whitelaw Towers Project has finished its patrol. The responsibility of keeping you informed and up to date has now been passed to a new generation of activists. Please follow the below links and subscribe. Support Fortress Nationalism, protect it at all cost.   Subscribe to United Nationalist Australia

See you round like a rissole, fellow nationalists!


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Anonymous said...

You've done very well here.
Good on you all for this, and good on you all for the future.
May we each strive to return our nation, and our destiny, to ourselves and our own.