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Two years ago Tel Aviv Neil was Nazi Neil and here he can be seen celebrating avoiding a jail term for stalking a rabbi by telephone
During the Second World War a female Japanese propagandist the allies named Tokyo Rose would regularly broadcast tacky propaganda intended to deflate the morale of those fighting heroes.

Broadcasting via Radio Tokyo, the English speaking nip bitches (there was more than one) skewered news and reported with a deliberate slant that hoped any listening allies would give up the ghost, and surrender to the murdering rice monkeys. It was one endless spray of disinformation. Those GIs who couldn’t find a way to laugh seriously cracked the shits.

When you consider the kind of lies and disinformation that is spewed out by Messrs Antifa Neil and his suspiciously cashed-up mate Shermon Burgess on an hourly basis it seems proper to dub him ‘Tel Aviv Neil’.

Tel Aviv Neil is like Tokyo Rose, only without a vagina, at least not one between his legs. Neil’s vagina sits on his shoulders with a mullet-faced expression and is constantly jabbering mendacities into a digital camera.
Tel Aviv Neil's forerunner, Tokyo Rose. They both talked a lot of shit
Now, bear in mind, that “don’t be Nazis, guys” Tel Aviv Neil was arrested back in 2014 for making crank calls to a Rabbi Dovid Gutnick. He was spared jail, most likely to become an informant, even though magistrate Donna Bakos found that his calls were “motivated by prejudice” and that he “showed little remorse for his crime”. Furthermore, crazy old Neil was ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment in which it was reported that he told the forensic psychologist, “…he had many Aryan friends that he found more entertaining than his other friends”.

Right here we have all the historical evidence of an inveterate liar and a total gooney bird. This same Neil that “showed no remorse” for his prejudice is now acting as a surrogate anti-racist activist and filling the social media airwaves with his Tokyo Rose torrents. Only now the mentally unstable 31-year-old Melbourne labourer HAS found remorse; at least the kind that you don’t have to prove to a court-appointed psychologist.

Not so long ago, in his Tel Aviv Neil series, Neil uploaded a video that as usual defamed the United Patriots Front as “Nazis”. At the end, he gazed earnestly into the camera with his mullet-vagina head and implored impressionable young patriots frustrated with the rise of Islam to, “Don’t be Nazis”.

So, we wonder what his forensic psychologist might have to say about this, since his rhetoric is now almost fully in support of Israel; the very nation that through its machinations in the Middle East has generated the rapeugee crisis in Europe, and the Islamic invasion of Australia. The Neil Erikson that tried gaining favour with Blood & Honour and goose-stepping through Melbourne in his Romper Stomper cos-dress has, in the space of two short years, after being ejected from the UPF for all the same insane behaviour that got him arrested, remodelled himself as the Israel-friendly “no Nazis” patriot who also does conspiracy theories on his low rent version of the Rense Network.

But gentle reader, this whole thing more accurately has its comparisons in Days Of Our Lives; because nuggets like Neil and Indie Rose, who he laughably went ballistic at in a video for acting exactly like he does, have reduced the patriot movement to a soap opera.
Starring, 'Tel Aviv' Neil Erikson, Shermon Burgess, Indie Rose, and special guest star Nicholas "I am channelling Donald Trump but really I'm a cuck" Folkes
Those few dozen people who bother to click on his drivel do so not because they want to be educated about patriot politics, which Neil can’t do since he hasn’t a clue himself, but to tune in to see the latest train wreck. And Neil always happily gives his audience what they come to see.

The United Patriots Front has to be congratulated for resisting any urge to buy into the dog’s breakfast that Neil and sperm boy Sherm has made of things. Nationalists and the UPF have had our differences, but whereas it took only as long as a match head burns off all its phosphorus for Neil and Sherm to sell out to the state, they carry the flame as resolutely as ever… and they’re better for having cast off the baggage like those two glorified toerags. It is that kind of steely resolve that Fortress Nationalism and the imminent coalition of Australian Nationalist groups are built on. Who knows, maybe the UPF might even decide to do themselves a favour and further protect the quality of their brand by signing on the dotted line along with the rest of us.

Hello all you listeners out there, my name is Tel Aviv Neil and you should stop being nationalists and don't join the UPF because I said so. And who am I? I just told you, I'm Tel Aviv Neil, the former Nazi now Anti Nazi. Make sense? Talk to my former forensic psychologist

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