Saturday, January 30, 2016


An Australian traitor being recognised for his efforts to feminise the army and cuck the nation

The Australian of the Year has been a joke for so long now that they might as well just float it offshore and let the first people smuggler that sails along have it. It should instead be called the Politically Correct Hero of the year Award.

The award is not representative of Australians, because it has often represented those who have dedicatedly pursued anti-Australian activities, such as cry-baby ape-impersonator Adam Goodes, who won it last year for bravely standing up to a 13-year-old girl and her disabled mother for heckling him.

This year the useless lump of metal goes to a politically correct army-homo who wants all ranks of the military to be run by women and queers, and who is now an advocate for quotas for Asians in top ranking positions. That is a bit like a Chinaman arguing there should be more Caucasians running things in China, but hey, this is the anti-White world we live in.

Former Lieutenant General David Morrison is about as un-Australian as they come. He is the globalist Australian; this animal that has been especially bred in Jewish laboratories to correspond with a mix of Marxist philosophy and global capitalist intentions. You would think a former Chief of Army's interest would be the defence of Australian sovereignty against invasion; not advocating a complete Asian takeover.

During his time running the army, he managed to pay for trannies to have sex changes; fund homos in the service to fly out to the Mardis Gras; and he wanted Aussie soldiers to run away if Moslems threatened them domestically.

One wonders where these maniacs get their energy to pursue their anti-White agendas, but they seem to be full of it.

News Corps, which is itself a major part of the problem, reports:

NEWLY minted Australian of the Year David Morrison made clear three areas he wanted to push for progress when accepting the honour earlier this week.

But the former Chief of Army has revealed to a less publicised pursuit he plans to use his platform for.

Continuing Rosie Batty’s fight against domestic violence is a priority for retired Lieutenant General Morrison, as is severing our national ties to Britain’s monarchy and continuing to battle for gender equality and chip away at the glass ceiling.

But Mr Morrison has another diversity issue in his sights — another barrier to professional advancements with its own catchy and confrontingly fitting label — the “bamboo ceiling”.

It’s the Asian equivalent of the invisible glass ceiling that has kept women out of positions of power for so long. The fact such a term exists is proof in itself of systemic racism that’s stopping Asian Australians from advancing to top jobs, and according to Gen Morrison, it’s something corporate Australia needs to face up to.

While people with Asian ethnic origin make up close to 10 per cent of all Australians, they account for less than two per cent of senior executive position in ASX 200 companies.

And when you look at the figures, Gen Morrison says, it’s not only racist, but bad business.

Just give 'em a flag to wave and they're an Aussie: it's THAT simple
Yes, it’s racist to not make sure that your country is not representative of every other country on earth. It is racist if your identity is not subjugated to a polyglot of cultural identities, which serves no purpose other than to erode the dominance of the parent culture. But more to the point, matey is now a businessman, espousing the ‘business ethics’ (a contradictory term we just invented to highlight the hypocrisy) that it is “bad business”. He must mean unlike the “good business” of selling off our ports to the Chinese; and entering into agreements that grant China economic hegemony over our nation.

 “When you think about the fact that seven out of Australia’s top 10 export markets are in Asia, it constitutes about 66 per cent of our total market, that more than 50 per cent of the world’s population and its consumer demand is $10m a year, all I’m saying as the Australian of the Year is, hey, we can do better,” he told
“This can be as much about enhancing corporate capability as well as being more inclusive.”
That’s right, Bok Choy – so in the name of business Australia should become Asian because, well, business comes before the people it supposedly serves.

Research released by the Diversity Council of Australia, of which Gen Morrison is chair, showed even among the most diversity-conscious employers, only 4.9 of senior executive positions were filled by Asian born Australians despite them accounting for 9.3 per cent of the nation’s labour force.

While Asian people were overrepresented in entry level positions, the numbers thinned out further up the management chain.

Close to a third (30 per cent) of Asian talent intended to leave their employer in the next year, the 2014 report found. One in four of those intending to resign cited negative cultural diversity as an influence on their decision.

So, the reasoning is that since we’ve been totally invaded by Asians already we are racist for not also making them our leaders.

Though it’s become a leading selection criterion in progressive companies, the consideration of candidates “cultural fit” in an organisation or position was found to be culturally biased as it results in existing leaders falling into the trap of “unconsciously promoting in their own image”.

Only 18 per cent of Asian talent felt their workplace was free of cultural diversity biases and stereotypes, and many reported they often felt stereotypes and had incorrect assumptions made about their background, leadership capability, English proficiency and age.

Much like his well documented exposure to gender inequality with female soldiers opening his eyes to the difficulties women face in male-dominated institutions, Gen Morrison conceded he was not aware of the challenges Asian Australians faced in the corporate world.


Oh, pardon us, then. Asian FEELS are hurt. It obviously hasn’t hurt their feelings to crawl out of the festering rice bowls they fled from, or abandoned like traitors, but the fact that there is still a spirit of Australianness clinging on for dear life is a matter of offence for these noodle eating bastards.

Was never born here, but 'cos he's Asian he gets $300,000 a year to call Aussies racists

Race Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane has been leading the discussion on breaking through the bamboo ceiling, and praised Gen Morrison for bringing it to public attention.

“When people hear about diversity, their minds immediately go to gender. I’m sure you’ve heard of the glass ceiling and gender diversity, but diversity also concerns race, disability, sexual orientation to name a few, but until people experience those issue themselves or are directed towards a conversation, it can be difficult to grasp or have less urgency,” he said.

“Despite people of Asian background being celebrated as a model minority the top students in the HSC, the students who perform well at university, you’ll find people of diverse Asian backgrounds are represented, but this doesn’t follow through to the top levels.

“This goes to the heart of the question of why organisations don’t promote the best talent. If they don’t, they won’t do as well as they should and our society misses out because people won’t fulfil their potential.

“It’s encouraging to see David Morrison raise these issues in the national conversation in the few days that he’s been Australian of the Year and it does highlight why this is an issue for monitory groups,” he said.

Dr Soutphommasane has advocated for companies to record ethnicity or cultural background of employees, and encouraged business to see a potential business case for cultural diversity.
For anyone not familiar with this alien specimen, he is a French-born Laotian with no ties to this country other than he turned up one day with a privileged swag of degrees and the Australian government gave him $300,000 a year of taxpayer money to tell Aussies how racist they are. Yes, it is a meaningless position, but one wonders where he gets the sheer chutzpah to waffle on about how badly Asians are treated when he is a fine example of an invader who just breezed along on the basis of their Asian-ness.

While he does find the lack of representation of Asian Australians in top jobs concerning, Gen Morrison says he’s optimistic about the issue, and hopes he can make a difference by drawing attention to it.

“There is so much opportunity and it doesn’t come about by talking about it, it comes about by action,” he says.

“Things are becoming better for women in Australia, but I don’t think there would be too many women who would say that we’ve come far enough at this stage. (The bamboo ceiling) is another one to look at. We clearly have a long way to go so we need to look at what are the possibilities we need to put in place to make it happen.”
So General Morrison, the disgusting traitor, is obsessed like a skinny 20-year-old undergraduate with every social justice issue that the globalist system can throw up. And it’s no wonder since before joining the military he studied his bachelor of arts. He disgraced Australia when he set about cucking the armed forces in his own cucked image, and now he wants invaders officially in charge of everything.
He is also obsessed with being dominated by women, and he might be a fag because he has never married.

Yep, he is right on top of his White Genocide and loving it.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Ralph happened to be handy when the Black Rose bookshop had its windows smashed, which to this day haven't been repaired
Last night the infamous Ralph Cerminara and fellow patriot Daniel Evans were assaulted by five anarchists as they came back from a restaurant in Sydney’s Enmore.  Dan was with his wife, Ralph was with his girlfriend.

We refer to the account provided by the UPF’s Blair Cottrell, who said that Ralph and Dan were recognised as they passed the bookshop on Enmore Road, which is a two minute walk from Sydney’s King Street. A piece of anarchist filth, lurking in the doorway, recognised the two and alerted those inside.

The group now five-strong emerged and attacked the two patriots with “bats and poles”. Dan was hit over the head and repeatedly stabbed in the side of the head with a broken fluorescent tube. Ralph and Dan retreated to the nearby petrol station where Dan threw a plastic water bottle at the junkie street-trash, possibly offering them the first bath they would have had in months. Meanwhile, the two women were crying out for help.

The police came, and two of these pieces of ant-White, anti-Australian faeces were arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm, while Dan was whisked off to hospital for his cuts. The filth then visited him in hospital and charged him with affray for having the criminal audacity to attempt to defend himself with a plastic bottle.

Blair’s commentary on the UPF video involves deliberate falsehoods and inaccuracies in the biased reporting by left-wing ABC journalist Jessica Kidd.
Jessica Kid, the ABC's hired lefty liar obviously likes the look of herself
Without going into that, which can be viewed on Blair’s video, we here at WLT’s Truth Inc. ™ want to suggest what really happened.

Ralph has previously hit the Black Rose bookshop, figuratively speaking. He can be seen here in a random video taken last year provoking the Trotskyites within the Black Rose Bookshop.

We suggest that he and Dan were out to provoke again last night and just bit off more than they were expecting. The probability factor is too high for such a scenario, and these guys’ track records do not point to anything else. There is an upcoming patriot rally in Canberra, and this looks like a nice stunt that works to their propaganda, but given that we are serious nationalists, we do not support Ralph Cerminara, Shermon Burgess, or any dicky Reclaimer in any way, shape or form.

We do however take the opportunity to draw people’s attention to the Black Rose Bookshop and identify it as the source of ALL militant leftist, anti-White, and anti-Australian propaganda activity in the inner-western suburbs of Sydney.
If you are a Sydney nationalist, be very aware of these things. Which is why the main things we extrapolate from this story are the chance to name two of the anarchists involved, who are the hoity sounding Christian Enright and Montgomery Strange. We have the Facebook page of the former, and we note that he identifies himself with Moslem identity. The other is to show people what a biased lefty hack journalist looks like. If you read the link we have highlighted to the story you should have a vested interested in trolling this bint on general principle alone. Oh, and here is Christina's Facebook page:

Finally, we call for nationalists to report any incident to WLT where they are harassed or intimidated, or more realistically pestered by the junkie scum at Black Rose.
Ralph argues with local unwashed non-Australian left wing blowhard outside Black Rose Bookshop

Monday, January 25, 2016

Liberal Party hatchet man, Howard Crawford, and his WLT meltdown

Howard Crawford is the middle-aged boofhead on the Left. Anybody who may have a better picture of Howard Crawford please drop it in our inbox
Liberal Party saboteur and headkicker Howard Crawford has chosen Whitelaw Towers’ Facebook Page to publicly embarrass himself in a meltdown that has left us here wondering who cut off his med supply.

Whitelaw Towers is not a confessional or a public lavatory, but for some reason this dark figure who has been at the core of trying to destabilise nationalism in this country chose our page to defend his mate from allegations we never made against him, and to soil himself in front of as many nationalists as possible.

Posting prolifically in the Facebook comments section of the recent Whitelaw Towers blog ‘Who is the paedophile patriot?’, Crawford came bungling in like Foghorn Leghorn writing, “Mr Holt provided information on a man that had to leave the Country (sic) due to his activities and now this bloke is your best friend. Change the name from white law towers (sic) to pedo palace, you low life grubs”.

Of course, this was a defence of a man that Whitelaw Towers has so far accused only of being a fellow Liberal party hatchet man. Currently, Mike Holt, who runs a clown school that masquerades as Civic Patriot party number #45363 called Restore Australia, has been dogging the United Patriots Front. And this is how these two galahs work. Crawford has spent a fair whack of time attempting to bring down the Australia First Party on behalf of his Liberal Party handlers. He has tried to smear party president Jim Saleam everywhere from Stormfront to Facebook. Crawford attempted to use his homoerotic association with Squadron 88 as a tool against Australia First Party.
Mike Holt spent a large whack of his life in Asia, married an Asian, and now he wants to tell you what it means to be Australian
But getting back to “that” meltdown…

Not only did nobody on WLT mention Mike Holt, but we’re curious as to why on a blog regarding an unnamed paedophile patriot Crawford would defame his friend by associating him with this allegation. We understand that some WLT reader with a personal axe to grind with Holt may have linked to our story and posted it on a page of some group or other (or so we hear), but we cannot name the page and we have no policy of enlisting agents to troll scum like Holt and Crawford; although we’d happily buy that person a beer just for the beaut reaction he has elicited.

When we expressed our bafflement at his posturing, and his naming his friend in context to this post, he replied, “You and your pals just kept posting it under a blokes (sic) name. I rang him and ‘said something’. I was curious why? You see, you can’t do things like post what you scum have been and put it under a person’s name. Anyway, that’s up to his legals (sic) not me. So enjoy your day bozo or is it crusty. And if you blokes are encouraging paedophiles here, you’ll cop more than words you putrid things.”
And this is the third stooge, although Nick has used up all his idiot-credits now and is hunkered down pondering his possible future in male stripping
Given that no mention or any identifying details were posted as to the subject of our story’s identity, one would imagine a man with any schooling in “legals” would realize there is no basis for defamation. More to the point, he seems to have no understanding of how defamation law works. But the oddest thing is he is the one who defamed his own friend. Whitelaw Towers received anonymous information about an individual in the patriot scene, but so far there is nothing of a solid nature that we would publish; and we’re sure as hell are not dumb enough to name anybody as it might all turn out to be bullshit.

Thereafter he says that we are encouraging paedophiles here…? Well, what drugs is he on? The strangeness of that remark can only be explained by the bizarre nature of the character which made it.

Thereafter his blustering insults are just trademark Crawford. Finally we get down to his universal mantra about Jim Saleam (although nobody has told the silly nonce that we are not the Australia First Party), “You aren’t patriots as the Nazi Bunker Exposed footage shows. You are the traitors and that’s why you failed for 40 Y.E.A.R.S (sic). Got the message yet?”

Yes, Howie, we get the message loud and clear: you are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. See, Howard has an Asian fetish, like his pals Mike Holt and Nick Folkes. They’re all married to Asian women. Yet, they come onto the patriot/nationalist scene wanting to take over and replace all the principles that we hold dear with a Zionist race-mixing celebration of diversity, only minus Islam. Yet, Howard posted a comment previously on Party for Freedom’s Facebook page trying to ridicule Australia First Party member Vic Waterson for a demonstration he was involved with opposing Harvey Norman for its offer to give free jobs to Syrian refugees.
Pepe says, "If it feels good, do it."
In this characteristically sarcastic post, he went on to say that giving Moslems jobs was a good thing… Erm, hello! This same madman trying to make his bones on the back of the anti-Islam patriot scene now thinks appeasing Moslems by giving them Aussie jobs is a ticket to social harmony. But he is a Liberal and you can never forget that, for that Tory worldview is how he measures everything, which is why only he would come onto a page where folks are into National Socialism and hard-core racialist politics and try to discredit Jim Saleam for appearing in a video where a swastika flag is in evidence.

Um… sure, folks are really going to be down on Jim for that. But then, to add a liberal (pun intended) dose of hypocrisy into the mix, that flat is one that Crawford himself has visited. The video was traded to him by an associate of S88 in return for beer and pizza.

Crawford was a major figure behind Squadron 88, who posted ‘anti-Semitic’ flyers in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney — Malcolm Turnbull’s own electorate. And this man wants you to turn against Jim Saleam because circumstance happened to put him in a room where the tenant has a penchant for Nazi paraphernalia?! Go figure.

Of course, we gave Crawford, who is a chicken farmer, the opportunity to comment on his involvement with Squadron 88, but that’s when he finally did what he should have done right from the word go: clammed up.

Crawford is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but if there is any remote chance an edifying word or two might penetrate his pathologically ego-driven skull, then these are the words of Cicero, “Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.”
These clubs often have very grubby stories to tell...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blair Cottrell: glorious leader

Our glorious leader
It takes a magical mix of elements to form a true leader. Blair Cottrell has them all and more. What we have with Blair is an Aussie alpha male, with a fierce intellect, and a power of conviction that makes even the staunchest patriot melt in insignificance before his fire. Blair is the poet-warrior, and unlike the unrelenting slew of pretenders that come before the Aussie patriot scene to offer themselves up as leadership, Blair is not a self-publicising dick like the Nick Folkes’ and Danny Nalliahs of this world. This heroic young Australian man was sent to us to lead FOR REAL.

 As a nationalist, one might ask why I should support him. Well, Whitelaw Towers Kingmakers Inc™ isn’t about to assign him a label that he might not wish for, but we are pretty sure that our two planets move around the same sun. Take his ‘Islamic everything’ as a metaphor for ‘multiculturalism’ and you can understand that his politic approach is learned from having carefully watched the failures of successive nationalist attempts at change. He treads on familiar ground, because he has seen where strangeness queers the honourable attempts at enlightenment. He understands sympathetically the capacity for his people to follow the logical curve of all the steps necessary to comprehend the hideous struggle that faces them. He will do it softly-softly, toe-by-toe, and not lose his patience. Even his apparent deficits of tolerance, such as his catchphrase “I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but” video qualifiers are stated with a fully briefed purpose.

Australia waited, God answered our call. Now it's just up to us
Blair IS entirely aware of all the ancillary factors that have led Australia into this phase of globalist occupation. What Blair reveals in his video, only truly discloses what he hasn’t exposed and what waits in store for him to showcase as another mammoth insight and revelation. Somewhere there is a great carving on a mountainside, and one day it will be set as a monument because it bears the prophecy of Blair’s name. He is the promised one: the prodigal son and the glorious leader. Yes, America has Donald Trump, and Australia has Blair Cottrell, and if the gods loved Australia that man would be fast-tracked into the highest office for the benefit of us all.

In a handful of months this strapping young lad, with his United Patriots Front, has marched the Aussie Alt-Right into territory it could never have imagined it would occupy and we wager his supporters probably do not even comprehend the significance of right now. He is a walking headline. The man’s touch sets off sparks, and there is almost a psycho-sexual fascination being displayed for him by the media, which at once loathes him on its bogus ideological grounds, but displays a kind of masochist desire to see him dominate them. Nobody has shut up the communist kids as satisfyingly as Blair. Nobody has shown the sheer nads he and the UPF has. Nobody has struck so deep into the heart of the enemy, and come away with their drippy, gooey entrails to show us how truly weak they are quite like this man Blair Cottrell.
A Blair Cottrell prototype
In a year of slam-dunks, Blair started off the New Year in his hustings venture into Orange with the most marvellous confrontation with the Fairfax degenerates who set out, almost with a yawn, to employ their worn tactics of pulling in unaccredited social justice nobodies, and slanderous hyperbole, to discredit him. Did he take it? Did he FUCK? The video that followed matched only the amazing Gerry Harvey video of the Australia First Party in its inspirational energy. Blair put that fish-head bitch on the spot, and like the human trout she is all she could do was gulp for air. He slapped her over-powdered face with reality, and on behalf of the ineffectual sturgeon Murdoch, all she could do was um and ahh.

What Blair does next will always top what he has done before and the reason we are paying him this honour is because he would shake his head reading it. He wouldn’t be impressed at all. Because nothing impresses Blair Cottrell but action. Nothing. And he judges himself by that standard before anybody else.
Nuff said.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Christopher Pyne and the two-party war on alternative politics

You'd be laughing too if you understood that this is not about ideology, it's just business
Your political future is about to be reduced to a plebian’s choice between the two major destroyers of this nation, Labor and Liberal. If they get their way, there will be no possibility of voting for so-called micro parties, or independents.

If these bastards manage to fulfil their oligarchical desire to pull the wool over all our eyes and limit our choices between two types of political dog shit, the tiny ray of hope that we create for ourselves by struggling against these pricks with political activity of our own will be dispatched to Never Never Land for good and all.  

It is these ‘micro parties’ and ‘independents’ that have so got up the nose of the majors by doing what they are supposed to do — offering an alternative to their monopoly on the running of this country — that has seen the mind-blowing public statement by Liberal party prefect and high-school hall monitor Christopher Pyne. He says it is better to vote for Labor than to place your democratic confidence in any of these righteous alternatives.

That’s right, Christopher Pyne would rather you vote for Labor than Fortitude, the Australia First Party, The Palmer United Party, or anyone likely to challenge their uniform control of this nation, because by keeping it between the two majors, they keep the business running as per usual.

Right now this “heads you lose, tails you do not win” style of bureaucracy is being playing out with the registration of The Australia First Party. All along the AFP has had WAY more than enough members to satisfy the basic criteria of forming a political party in this country. Yet, out of nowhere it was subjected to this jackass test. It was a test designed to fail the applicant, but the AFP fight on.

You need not only need a thick skin if you intend to go to the mat with these majors; you require a resolute will that brooks no lies, threats, or bribes.

Whitelaw Towers is calling for ALL micro parties — regardless of whether you’re nationalist or Ziopatriot; dedicated to cars or to social systems — to pick a date and head out as ONE to Canberra and demonstrate against the manipulation of the Australian Electoral Commission by this two-party thug coalition. This is so blatantly designed as a vehicle to shut down defiant and fledgling parties like Fortitude that it would be criminal on their part not to see it. Likewise, it’s an onus that falls to any other party that has a belief in its principles, and a conviction of their right to challenge these self-appointed custodians of the status quo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re UPF, AFP or Liberty Alliance, all minor parties need to get together and demonstrate their unwillingness to yield. If you think this is just an innocuous event in the reporting of the daily news then you're an uniformed cunt who should be kicked in the nuts and thrown over the bridge; because that's about as smart as you're ever likely to get.

Who is the paedophile patriot?

Rumours are ugly things, but paedophiles are way fouler: and they smell no better when their fetish is for another race.

These are the filth that brings shame and disgrace upon Australia with child-sex tourism in third world destinations. But far from the shame, is the evil of the crime perpetrated upon the kiddies, no matter what nationality they are.

It is the unshakeable position of us here at Whitelaw Towers Justice In All Things ™© that all those who are convicted of defiling children and depriving them of the only innocence they will ever know, should be speedily and unceremoniously destroyed; preferably in the most inhumane manner imaginable.

Not a cent will be frittered upon their prison upkeep; and not a solitary guard’s manpower shall we expend in their ‘special protection’. They will simply be erased from this earth. So too we shall take those from the ‘social justice’ sphere (such as we witnessed recently in the degenerate Salon magazine) who would promote the idea of tolerance to these monsters: they shall be deemed, like all those who protect enemies of our people in any eventual uprisings, to be as guilty as those who harm the children.
Having said, it disturbs us deeply here at Whitelaw Towers to hear consistent rumours of a certain Ziopatriot who has caused bother. These rumours involve this person’s reprehensible involvement in the sex tourism subculture. There are numerous allegations against this person from fellow Australians, who allegedly witnessed the Zio’s lifestyle while all parties were living as expatriates.

Obviously legal restrictions, as well ethics, prevent us from hinting at who this might be until such a time as solid evidence exists to ‘out’ them, but let us just say that all efforts are being made to uncover the truth of this troublemaker’s past. If this evidence does come to bear, it will be quite satisfying for us indeed. It will not please us to have confirmed that children were exploited by this creep, but just that we knew all along something stunk.

More than that we cannot say, but if or when this person goes down they are sure to take another with them. Both of these fools have been problematic. Let us wait and see. But remember, come what may, they were never ‘us’, like Alex Gollan so epitomises freaks like Rob Sparrow, and the granny-obsessed cyberstalking Fairfax journalist Luke McMahon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oscars protest is a cultural brick in the White Genocide wall

The Academy can apparently have a black head, but still has a race problem?
Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike “racist” Lee have come out in a fit of entitlement about the selections for this year’s Academy Awards. They are saying that the list of nominees is too White, and neither will attend the ceremonies.

A Twitter campaign (yawn) has grown out of this arrogant outburst from these two privileged blacks whose people have never once complained about being advantaged by the “positive discrimination” of affirmative action that sees them obtain positions in government, the private sector, and universities that they are only entitled to on the basis of the colour of their skin: NOT their achievements.

Since then, the coloured Oscars’ head Cheryl Boone Isaacs (yes, funny that) is taking action to, as the BBC reports, “alter the make-up of the board’s membership”; meaning that the black had the power all along. They are just using this manufactured furore to once and for all institute a blanket policy of promoting the talentless people of colour who cannot obtain accolades based on their own performances.
The all-White (OOPS) ALL-JEWISH Hollywood mafia dons
Now, nobody White should give a fuck about Hollyweird. The notion that anything coming out of there is “too White” transcends the laughable and seems to be actually calculated and provocative, since only the class cauliflower doesn’t know that Jews run the whole show.
So this reeks of a coordinated stunt to once more demonise White people leading up to the US election in which they fear Donald Trump might win and when he does actually not simply act in the interests of minorities, Moslems, and perverts.

When the Kenyan Obama leaves the White House, it will have been after presiding over the most anti-White government in US history. He will have left a legacy of irreversible social decay. That disgusting mulatto, who was handed a Nobel Peace Prize simply for being black and voted the president of America, has used Civil Rights as a cudgel to batter White America into a state of feeble regression.
In the name of equality Obama has helped to shape a society that is unequal because, as usual, the black must have everything given to it lest it make a ruckus and “get mad”. He did not do this without the backing of the Jews, which he, ironically, has also managed to put offside by failing to provide them the unconditional support they have insisted upon from all who are elected to the oval office. This is because he is a Moslem.

The entitlement is so ingrained in black people that even if you dissected the Negro DNA to its finest molecule and put it back together after a giving it a full carwash, you will never be able to clean away that sense of entitlement.

And now, you might ask, why do we here in Australia give two fluffy ducks about that whole thing: because, at the same time, this propaganda is being applied here too. Only a couple of weeks back the ABC published a story about how a new SBS series will confront a television audience resistant to “diversity”. The SBS, which exists to start to culturally eradicate all Anglo-European identity from mainstream cultural life with taxpayer funding, is running a parallel stream of propaganda and it’s all just somehow a coincidence?

The most ironic thing about those actors nominated is that they’re actors in every sense; puppets. They are playing a part here, a role that they never auditioned for nor agreed to. By simply being White, they have been cast in a narrative about systematic White oppression of “minorities” when Whites are set to be the “minority” any day now; and as a black president presides over the true social injustices being committed against Whites; as Jews own Hollywood; and a black head of the Oscars’ board has just somehow been alerted to a supposedly racist Hollywood. Yes, the same pro-White Hollywood that brought you Quentin Tarrantino and his endless slew of anti-White films like Django Unchained, and this latest piece of crap in which a White is raped by a Negro, The Hateful Eight. The same pro-White Hollywood teaching White men that they are beta males who sit back cucked while their White women take big black schlong.

Yep, the land of make believe it is, but it’s also the land of propaganda, and that is where the two meet for the purposes of beating down on Whitey some more. And that’s the biggest irony to be subtracted from this supposedly White-privileged algebra: that in a situation where Whites have no control, they are yet again guilty.

Any day now America is going to require White people to wear monitoring bracelets and funny hats… because of slavery, wars and stuff.
Burn, Hollywood, burn.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rob Sparrow; Luke McMahon; Slackbastard Inc and the Fairfax war on the UPF takes a turn

One of these two shabby cunts is Luke McMahon. He has been a big phony in journalism since his days in the bogus Dole Army, pictured here
We all know the rather ducky luvvie Professor Rob Sparrow is “Andy Fleming” who is Slackbastard. But it might interest some to know that so is anarchist and Fairfax sleazeoid freelancer Luke McMahon. You remember we wrote about that lunatic hack HERE and HERE after he scribbled a whole lot of artless smear about the UPF’s Chris Shortis and creepily stalked non-Marxists around social media.

It is quite a job for us to keep from hurling up our non-vegan brunch handling any sort of material about this reputed gerontophiliac. Just knowing the sick shit he’s into as part of his whole ‘anarchist scene’ would have creeped out John Wayne Gacy, but then you have to realise that these freaks live to loosen up the public morals so that their queer fetishes can become normalised.
This is also Luke. And just about everyone he knows. In fact, this is the public face of Slackbastard
Having said, when he’s not chasing GILFS (lol), Rob Sparrow’s BFF and partner in slime is part of the Slackbastard network. Now, folks, this here is the rub: Slackbastard is more than one person, this must be obvious. Well, we’ve known for a long time, and even said so, but we state here one more time so that people can absorb the concept that Slackbastard is actually a collective of anarchists — not the single-entity fictitious ‘Andy Fleming’.

Our expert on extremist leftist groups, Dale Carroll (name changed), has pointed out a noticeable shift in the style of ‘Andy’s’ writing on his manky blog over the past few years. In his studies of SB, Dale finds forensic evidence of the hand of Monash University’s leftist radical subversive, Rob Sparrow. Carroll points to a swing from pure anarchist philosophy, to a sort of middle-of-the-road Marxism being espoused by Sparrow using the Andy Fleming alias; perhaps to convert impressionable anarchists into being political.

But when the more execrable voice emerges, the abusive one, this has been confirmed as Luke McMahon. All of these folks are old hands that have been doing the same thing since the days they ran the egregious Fight Dem Back blog. But out of them all, McMahon is the most psychologically unbalanced. We know about his comrade state-informer and former school principal Alex Gollan who ran afoul of laws that protect children from paedophiles when he was busted with a whole bunch of kiddy porn that he tried to claim was put on his hard-drive by White Supremacist hackers (ha ha ha ha ha ha).
Alex Gollan who denied having a heap of kiddy porn on his computer and blamed White Supremacists for "hacking" him
Well, this is the kind of crowd we’re talking about, and we do not wish to cross possible libel laws by inferring anything about what bizarre stuff floats Rob Sparrow’s wobbly boat, but all we know is that it must be seriously ‘out there’ enough to provide David Lynch with inspiration for strange plot-lines well past the time of his death.

In another life, Luke might’ve been the Mosman granny killer — and our criminologist source, who has examined Luke’s psychological thumb print, has grimly forecast that his fetishism may yet bring this troubling fantasy of his into realisation — but Luke has been identified as using the pseudonym “Shermon Burgess” as he harasses patriots and nationalists on YouTube. He has recently changed one of his Facebook accounts to that name.

McMahon has therefore provided intelligence for Slackbastard, and been Fairfax’s gutter-press go-to person, while Sparrow offers the collective front with respectability. All of them have shared social media and blogging duties. And this puts Slackbastard comfortably in bed with Fairfax Media, which has been dogging the UPF since they dared to challenge the anti-White status quo.
One of the Slackbastard "Andy Fleming" collective who we recently outed: Professor Rob Sparrow
Fairfax has no morals at all, and that’s not just evidenced by them using a deranged stalker like McMahon, who is unable to differentiate fantasy from reality. In an excellent video released by the UPF on the weekend, the UPF’s fearless Blair Cottrell actually confronts a Fairfax representative after lies were written about them in their visit to Orange in NSW’s central west. In the video this weird looking woman, who seems to have retained part of her ‘hippy style’ from a thousand years ago, sits tongue-tied as Blair confronts her about a headline, and a defamatory reference to the UPF as a “terrorist” group. After having nothing to say for herself, and faced with the fact that she is a hyena with all the ethics of a pervert in a children’s lavatory, she patronisingly suggests they “sit down and discuss (this) rationally”. Ha! RATIONALLY. Fairfax uses a psychotic source like McMahon, who is a ticking bomb of thwarted unnatural desires, and they speak of rationality!?

The UPF has just won a big round against Fairfax, mainly on a moral level. Concurrently, the AFP has gone toe-to-toe with captain of industry Gerry Harvey in an extraordinary video. McMahon, or Shermon Burgess as he now calls himself on YouTube and Facebook, is about to go the way of Alex Gollan. On all fronts, both patriotic and nationalist, the tide of the war is turning. Victory is at hand.

An articulate commenter on the UPF’s FB page wrote, “This is not about letting UPF and Blair act out our fantasies of fighting back against the system. It should be emboldening everyone to do the same, because without each and every one of us being ready to take the fight TO the scum, we are assigning ourselves to serfdom. I admire Blair. We all do. But he’s not doing this to be admired, he is doing it to inspire.”
You can torment Luke on Twitter at this hashtag. Send him lots of pics of grannies: