Friday, April 29, 2016


Knowing Neil's desperation for self-promotion he probably  busted a tomato sauce packet on his head to pretend it's blood
Neil Erikson has made an unpaid career out of causing butt-hurt, so it is only proper that his own rear-end should suffer.

While attending Melbourne’s Equal Love Rally, Neil was recognised by gay anarchists, and set upon. Despite underwhelming odds, Neil fell like a lady’s handkerchief as the equivalent of teenage drama students beat the shit out of him. They left a nasty gash on his head too. But if that was not humiliating enough, one of the gay-boys forced his pants down, and digitally raped him with his finger!

BuzzFeed (a degenerate homo pseudo news-service) reported an unshaken Neil explaining, “They jumped on me while I was on the ground. I was on the ground holding my video camera in one hand and getting kicked in the head. They also proceeded to pull down my pants and one of them placed his finger in my anus.”

By all accounts it was a bummer!

Anusol gains another customer!
Given how Neil is committed to reporting nothing but the absolute truth, and wouldn’t lie about anything, we believe his every word.

Neil is a self-confessed conspiracy believer, so his ultimate dream of being anally probed has been fulfilled; although not by extra-terrestrials. However, as funny as this is, and as much as Neil deserves a kicking, there is a serious side — only, we’re not sure what it is.  

Neil alleged that he strayed into the event by accident (with his camera) while on the way to attend an Australian Liberty Alliance meeting. Neil has been trying to define a purpose for hanging around the dregs of a former political movement ever since playing his part in the disintegration of the fledgling Patriot scene. When he dumped on the UPF after being kicked out for being a horror-scale liability, he turned reformed Nazi; ratting out everyone-else as being “Nazis”. This earned him the name ‘Antifa Neil’.

Devoid of a specific audience, he began promoting Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, until her people asked him to stop. Now it’s ALA’s turn.

The question is, did the government USE this anarchist's finger to implant a secret surveillance device inside Neil Erikson's bottom? Oh, and here's a funny picture of an alien anal-probe from South Park
Neil is the kiss of death to anything serious. He is the kid that knocks over the Monopoly board; the snitch who calls the cops. Neil has only one purpose in this life, and that is pursuing attention. That exhilarating burst spent with the UPF in their heyday affected the chemical balance in his brain. He needed that ego-rush of people looking at him; clicking ‘likes’ on his Facebook page; and involving him in the ongoing Bogan drama of patriot life.
These days, Neil’s in a consolation bromance with maggot-boy Shermon Burgess. They are like ex-members of a broken-up band hoping to cash in on their former fame. The two shares each other’s videos on their flagging FB pages and crow about one another. None of it rings true. Yet, in many regards, they are two peas in a pod. Only, whereas Neil had his arse penetrated supposedly against his will, Sherm would’ve downed trou before even being recognised.
Shermon is easily the sleaziest, and without a doubt would be the first to “experiment” sexually. He may now force the destruction of their relationship by testing whether or not Neil found erotic possibilities in his anus.

Indeed, there are so many memes in this they’ll be on people’s timelines for the next 46 days. We can visualise a pic of him being poked in the pooer with gags like, “WHAT’S UP NEIL’S ARSE?” and “DON’T YOU KNOW IT’S RUDE TO POINT?”

Somewhere there is not just a smoking gun, but a smelly finger. However, we’ll never really know because it is not at all beyond possibility that Neil made the whole thing up.

Yes, we might have said he never lies, but we were being ironic. In fact, Neil couldn’t tell the truth even if there was ten-million dollars involved. He’s a strange mother fucker. Normality doesn’t apply; you need to estimate his headspace using totally autistic coordinates. Honestly, which one of us “men” would admit something like that, much less pretend it was true? Who that wasn’t totally comfortable with homo concepts would rush straight to the first camera they could find and tell the whole world about getting their arse whooped and atomically-goosed by a group of anorexic pansies?
If any of youse should get your date digitised contact a help line... sort of like this one... or maybe just pretend it never happened, bottle up all your emotions, and turn to drugs and alcohol

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Our tireless lab technicians at Whitelaw Towers Sound Inc. have laboured furiously to enhance the pitiable audio quality of the secret recordings provided by ace Facebook troll Michael Allen. Those recordings accompanied the videos captured on a digital James Bond spy watch worn during an epic sting operation against the toad-like individual Howard Crawford. Readers will know the videos and recall the deficient sound, which required the producers to add subtitles. Yet, for those not au fait with the story, Crawford is a sewer-like species of political culture. An existential jellyfish; he resembles a space monster from Dr Who. He is a walking ball of cackling, jeering, malevolent energy. He served as an anonymous behind-the-scenes manipulator of Australia’s alternative so-called ‘far right-wing’ political scene: pitting nationalist against patriot for the purpose of destroying us both. He did this while professing to be one of us. Perhaps that is (to him) flatteringly overstating his role. He might just be a middle-aged punk who burned the wrong people. Whatever, thanks to our sound masters, upcoming videos in The Last Supper series exposing the golem Crawford will now be aurally correct. Our boffins squeezed all the juice from those recordings. Dialogue hitherto insensible is mixed down and stripped of interference. We have Howard’s lies and scheming coming straight out of his mouth. However, we are still transcribing and sifting for newsworthiness the choice bits. Until then we shall catch up with Howard and see what is cooking outside of the video prison we hold him in. We do this rather than tack together a work-for-the-dole YouTube mash-up such as Neil Erikson is infamous for. Ultimately, we are tapping Howard’s head like a cat pawing a mouse in advance of our most damaging video yet. We note his sad efforts trying to “blog” Whitelaw Towers and AFP in response to this death blow. We are embarrassed for him. Then again, we’re not. Crawford is a chicken gobbling headless around the internet. Funnier still, this scrappy chook farmer is about to lay an egg; figuratively speaking.
A desperate multiple addict sucks a sad and soggy ciggy for every last nico drip
Who could conceive that the writers would team Howard Crawford with Slackbastard! Since being run out of town by Whitelaw Towers, Howard has turned to toilet hero Professor Rob Sparrow and his Slackbastard anarchist Facebook page to romp about in his feathery finery. And for some reason “Slacky” won’t sack him. Nope, there simply MUST be a blog in mind. But unknown Facebook tormentor John Dickinson has been extracting full value out of Crawford on Slacky’s page. Dickinson ruffles every one of Howard’s soiled feathers. It is champagne comedy. Howard is like watching an angry prawn trying to fight back. Below are examples. Those on Ventolin beware. Howard’s posting on Slackbastard naturally causes titter. The resonance of his hypocrisy we are still absorbing, but for a man who is motivated by class prejudice, Slackbastard is a weird home. His motive eludes, and eludes him. If bullshit meant rock royalty, Howard Crawford would be Elvis. It is a condition with a spasmodic reaction: when confronted with anything at all, Howard lies. Howard lies to himself, to God, and to everybody else. Howard lies like shit runs through a goose. Howard lies like Regan’s head spins in The Exorcist. His behaviour would churn a psychologist’s stomach. But who is he doing all this for?! Who is he hoping to recruit?! What is he hoping to recruit them to?

Laugh as Howie gets owned by John Dickinson
What sort of anarchist takes a confessed liar and bigot into his confidence? Rob Sparrow, that's who!

Inevitably, we got a report from an unimpeachable source that Howard is back with Folkes. It makes you wonder. When Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame went missing for many years, it took a Cadillac saleswoman to rescue him from the mind-control of the shrink from hell. Perhaps Nick needs an intervention on his behalf. Word has come via channels that all Party for Freedom’s top people are leaving because they’ve read what we’ve had to say about Howard Crawford. Hell, even Antifa used our material as the basis for their grammatically-impoverished profile on him. Crawford is to Nick like an ex junkie-friend is to a recovering addict. We reported earlier this year how Folkes, the gentle clown and race mixer, had been exhibiting unmistakable signs of emotional instability following dealings with Crawford. Folkes can’t let go of Crawford. Like a brainwashed whore, he would do anything for his pimp. Perhaps that is why all the financial backers split after the revelations about him.
Anyway, we are coming back with the long promised expose on Crawford’s criminal conspiracy against Dr Jim Saleam. Stay tuned. Whatever Howard does next after reading this, is sure to be reactive. It might even be fatal. We say a quiet prayer for his chooks.

I say boy! There'll be no more cocky Foghorn when the next vid comes out


Monday, April 18, 2016


We tried to find a pic of Mayor Fyffe in which he doesn't look barking mad, but we couldn't

It seems that Bendigo council is very concerned about free speech making it look bad. The other day Mayor Fyffe sent a letter to the Bendigo Advertiser, which is the most cucked regional newspaper in Australia. In it, he outlined his angst about social media and how folks are using it to make his council look like the communist regime they are. This link takes you to the actual letter, which is actually funnier yet more censorious in tone than the one we knocked out by way of reply (and which we shared with a friend or two on social media, but hey!). Yes, our intrepid team of propagandists and legal moonshiners didn’t feel the mayor quite expressed himself as freely as he should. So we did it for him. This is how his letter SHOULD have read. We added his name to it to give it an authentic feel.

Dear Editor and fellow Islamo-Marxist,
I write in support of your editorial “Unsociable media a real threat to decency”, (Bendigo Advertiser, April 15).
Greater Bendigo City Council is sick and tired of the punks who call themselves “Australian citizens” using social media to try and make us look bad.
Unfortunately, many people will argue that by telling the truth in such a fashion as to portray us in a negative light they are exercising “freedom of speech”. But we here at Bendigo City Council are of the belief that not everyone should be entitled to free speech, and that social media is damaging the progress we have been making towards silencing those who would use free speech to attempt to limit our social agenda.
We believe that we know best, and through the constant ridicule by some with a political interest in mocking us we are being undermined and obstructed from turning Bendigo into a city that can lead as an example to the rest of Australia; especially when it comes to pulling down the old White Australian edifice and putting up something much more Aussie like the world’s biggest mosques and stuff.
This whole “freedom of speech” thing is getting very old, and people are using the anonymity of social media to say things they wouldn’t have the guts to say to our face if they were free to come down to the Town Hall in person! But we took care to make sure that couldn’t happen with new regulations preventing anyone except the mailman and our drug dealers from entering the building. Social media needs to follow our example.
Free speech was never intended for those who are not elected representatives of the people on full benefits with free council parking! These grubs do not realise that the people cannot be trusted to make decisions and have to be told what to do by us.
When people use social media to criticise us we get so mad we want to shut down the water supply to half the city and switch off the power grid long enough for them to learn a harsh lesson about civic obedience.
The value we, as a council, leaders and rebuilders of a new Australia place on free speech is directly in proportion to those who are actually making the speech. In other words, we should be as free as we like to say what we want, but nobody else.
I encourage people who read social media to petition the federal government to pass laws that will limit anybody posting hurtful stuff about the Bendigo Council, or who use social media to foment discontent against us, to be shanghaied in the middle of the night and dragged down into the cells for a good kicking. We would call for you to expose and dob in those who administer social media pages that are critical of us.
If need be you should also find out where they live and annoy them by ordering pizza deliveries in their name and sending prostitutes round to their houses. Make fake noise complaints that the council will follow up.
The day is coming when this scum will eat boot, and the name on that boot will be Bendigo City Council. The only way to get rid of this White supremacist Nazi scum is by building camps and shoving the whole sweaty lot into gas chambers. And they better get used to our mosques. They can either convert to Islam or move to another country. We plan to become the mosque capital of the entire Islamic world.
This has been your leader! Praise Allah!
Mayor Rod Fyffe, Great Bendigo City Council
The Bendigo Mayor will shake hands with anyone as long as they're not Australian

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Ouch, that hurts!

As sure as night follows day, the predictable reaction from media and state has most assuredly been welcomed by the Australia First Party, who are currently in pre-election mode with the forthcoming Federal Election. Yes Virginia, there really is a nationalist party registered to contest federal elections!  Source

The Australian Workers Union claim of the Southern Cross being central "to the working class" is true. But do you have to be a member of a union to be considered working class? Certainly not according to logic and figures.

So according to the above ABS figures, the majority of "working class", whose values count the most? It just so happens to be in industries mainly made up of, how do we say this, middle to upper-middle class backgrounds: a drastic change to what constituted the working class back in the day.

Working class champions of the past. William Guthrie Spence (7 August 1846 – 13 December 1926), Australian trade union leader and politician, played a leading role in the formation of both Australia's largest union, the Australian Workers' Union, and the Australian Labor Party.

Working class 1890s.

More Australian working class from the late 1890s.
Do today's unions represent the working class spirit it was sworn to protect? The spirit  that saw hundreds and thousands of returned servicemen and working-class White Australians doing it tough between the two world wars and long before? You know, the ones that sacrificed all to uphold silly things like The White Australia Policy, better work conditions for Australians, and a better life for their families. The central beliefs that made this country "The Lucky Country" and united us.

Working class 1930s
Ah yes, those were the days when the working class actually worked at building a great nation; a working class much like today's real majority working class who are now leaving unions in record numbers out of total disgust. That is of course unless you have attended Indoctrinate University, which has campuses right across the nation. In that case, you may just be in that top two-percent of  union membership.

Real working class demonstrating, how many are Union members? No Union flags at this demo.
Today's legitimate working class are constantly stalked, harassed, and made unemployable by a consortium of left-wing politicians; social justice warriors; Anarcho/Marxists; and middle class drug-fucked uni students. The Australian working class of today are continually punished and persecuted because their traditional backgrounds put them at odds with today's PC culture and Cultural Marxist ways. In other words they are harassed into submission, or left to go hungry on the street, while refugees are housed, clothed, and fed ahead of them.  
Working class 2015, so we are led to believe.

Maybe it's about time the working class took back the Unions for themselves and spoke with a voice that truly represents them.


Saturday, April 02, 2016


A very oily Howard sweats upon the arrival of his umpteenth glass of locally brewed Thai moonshine
Former state council Liberal rep Howard Crawford has taken to Slackbastard to embarrass himself in front of as wide an audience as possible.

In clear evidence that alcoholism has finally pickled his olive-sized brain, the puppeteer behind Zio buffoon Nick Folkes and his Party For Freedom joined the comments on a post about squatters on Slackbastard’s Facebook page. Attempting to ingratiate himself with its radical anarchist host, who is supposedly his ideological counterpart, Crawford unleashed a string of inebriated ad hominems on the Australia First Party. Odd for a man who organised Squadron 88 and, we are informed by an S88 insider, also had a hand in the distribution of their anti-Semitic flyers, which were letterboxed in the very electorate belonging to the boss of his party.

Howard sucks up to Slackbastard

Slackbastard observes the wisdom in not interrupting your enemy while he's making a dick of himself
Slackbastard, who was exposed by Whitelaw Towers as Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University, has not attempted to censor or remove the comments, which reflect a pathological personality and a man who has parted ways with his own dignity; if indeed he ever had any. Crawford openly admits to campaigning against Australian nationalists, making everyone within his sphere of influence, such as the United Patriots Front, who joined with Nick Folkes at a recent “White Genocide” rally, tarnished by association.

Howard features in our joint WLT-Australia First ‘Last Supper’ series (soon to be updated) courtesy of ace Facebook troll Michael Allen. Pretending to be a Socialist Alliance opponent of Dr Jim Saleam and Australia First Party member Vic Waterson, Allen lured Crawford to a dinner meeting where a sting operation awaited. Drunk and arrogant, Crawford went on to boast his involvement in major scandals that rocked the patriot scene. In an upcoming segment he also infers a conspiracy to commit criminal damage against his despised political rival, who has lately become a creepy obsession.   
Ooh, isn't he slimy? Crawford smokes a chicken bone at a Windsor Thai eatery
Unbeknown to the sweaty chicken farmer disrespectfully referred to as “Foghorn Leghorn” by nationalists, Allen was adorned with an ingenious surveillance device that was filming and recording Howard, who was slinging back gin with beers and boasting of his exploits like a soused gamecock.

The videos have since become Aussie Nationalist history and we understand our blogs on the deranged chook frightener are favoured reading among the decidedly more sober up-and-comers of the Young Liberals.

Crawford had long been known to Australia First Party as a backroom manipulator using a Liberal party slush fund to influence the fortunes of so-called patriots and their micro-groups. In one of the videos in the Last Supper series he vows to “go after” Blair Cottrell of the UPF, who is now associated with his fool Nick Folkes via Christian dingbat Chris Shortis; an association endorsed by Cottrell.

In the same series Crawford spoke of bailing out Nick Folkes from legal costs incurred by a court case instigated by Arab supremacist Jamal Rifi after his failed attempt to start a riot in Cronulla. Grubby revelation followed grubby revelation over the course of the audio/visuals which are now a matter of permanent record on Whitelaw Towers. He even refers to foreign arms deals and a mysterious source of income that leaves him outside of the usual needs and wants of those forced to graft for a living; probably making his iffy-sounding tax status a necessary matter of scrutiny for the government bean counters.

Now it appears our commentaries have finally broken his brain, or else Howie is feeling so under siege he needs Slackbastard as an ally. Discarded by the Liberals, most likely shunned by his former dupes, the odious toad has little left to him but moonshine gin and symptoms akin to syphilis. We understand even his protégés in the infamous Hollywood Nazi set Squadron 88 have stopped referring to him as their fuhrer. In his comments he tries to make out it was all part of his master plan; that there is more in store; that everyone is drunk and stupid and coming unthreaded like a pair of hobo socks except for him. Nearly all his comments read 'edited' but are still grammatically impoverished and ill communicative. But this is the bravado of the moonshine, and the shrill bite of defeat, which in moments of painful lucidity he concedes before downing more homebrew and arcing up defiantly in front of his gobbling attack chickens.

However, we are unsure of whether Crawford continues to exert an influence over super-rat Antifa Neil Erikson, but given the weakness of what passes for Neil’s mind, as well as the lack of friends left to him, it’s possible that the two remain on close social media chat terms along with Shermon “the germ” and Likud Nick Folkes.

There is, it must be stressed, a serious side to the unravelling of the once proud Liberal shit stirrer and that is the omnipresent dangers of alcohol. Much of the infantile behaviour of his pet monkey Nick Folkes is attributable to the demon grog, and it’s plain to see what has become of Crawford after draining what are probably the contents of several distilleries over his wretched lifetime.

If you are experiencing an addiction to the dreaded sauce we highly recommend you seek help at your nearest available counselling service, or failing that, try to moderate your alcohol intake lest you become one of the “don’t let it happen to you” crowd like Foghorn and Nick the dick.

Before we go, though, the question must be asked of the bumpkins of the United Patriots Front who shunned association with nationalists in favour of the very goofballs that Howard is responsible for. In our best Dirty Harry we request they ask themselves the following: “do WE feel lucky?”

Well, do you, punks?